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    Default Re: I'm failing to smell the magic in YSL Live Jazz

    Quote Originally Posted by LiveJazz View Post
    Despite my name, I agree with many of the negative assessments here, or at least I see where they're coming from. Live Jazz is definitely an unforgiving scent. Sharp citrus and sour, almost grating herbs dominate the opening. Those notes do stick around for a long time before mellowing out.
    I think LiveJazz's description of Live Jazz is spot on. I wore it for the first time Saturday, and I'm really mixed on this one. I thought I had actually found a YSL I liked, especially in the dry down. But it just stuck around, and stuck around, and I really got tired of smelling it. I don't know. I don't think I'm on the "hate it" side, but I'm not in the "love it" side either.

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    Default Re: I'm failing to smell the magic in YSL Live Jazz

    I had the same problem with it too. I just couldn't feel the love for Live Jazz. I tried and tried to fall in love with it even wearing it everyday to summer school and it just never happened. It smelled too bitter and synthetic to me. Although i did like the icy feel to it the bitterness kept pushing me away from smelling it. I ended up getting tired of it and gave it to my brother and weird enough it smells a lot better on him than on me. And my mom said its the best fragrance in my collection. I probably wont buy it again unless is a gift for my brother.

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