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Thread: On a quest...

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    Default On a quest...

    I don't mind saying I'm a little intimidated by all the brand names mentioned on these forums. I'm an Old Spice man, myself from my teenage years (several decades ago). Old Spice Lime, in particular, though I've always been a fan of woodland spice type fragrances in general.

    Being that OS Lime is discontinued (I know there's a version from India, but the reviews are mediocre), I'm looking for a spicy, woody scent. Some citris overtones would also be nice. Any recommendations?

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    Default Re: On a quest...

    Hi Dave_DC!
    Welcome to Basenotes. If you're using the current version of OS then it's very sweet and leathery as far as I remember.
    Many spicy woody scents are orientals, which might fit the bill for you. Some are drier, some more floral, some feature incense, etc.
    I have a few recommendations and I'm sure you'll get a lot more from other Basenoteers.
    I recommend you start sampling and for that The Perfumed Court is a good source. They categorize various scents and it makes navigating the brands and the styles a lot easier for a beginner. Also read the reviews for the particular scents on this site.
    Meanwhile, I would recommend:
    Chanel Egoiste
    Chanel Allure Pour Homme
    Boucheron Jaipur Homme
    Azzaro Visit
    Cacharel Nemo
    Guerlain Heritage
    Guerlain Vetiver
    YSL Opium Pour Homme

    Good luck and happy sniffing!
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    The original Tommy (Hilfinger) is good for that (citrus, spice, wood). I actually recently acquired a vintage bottle of OS Lime, and it is good for its time, but I don't think most guys today are looking for that kind of fragrance. In particular, while the top notes are good (and not too "old"), it dries down to a very blended scent, where the individual notes are undetectable. You can only look at the list of what's supposed to be in it and imagine that you smell those notes. Also, the old "colognes" tend not to last very long. Some have animalic notes, which are not in vogue for the "average guy" these days, which is another issue. So, Tommy is a good example of the new, "popular" frag for guys. There aren't nearly as many notes as the old OS. The notes are well articulated, however. And there is no animalic quality. Some also have good longevity (I found that Tommy did).
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    Tommy isn't really spicy IMO.. it smells similar to Cool Water but with more pineapple and much lighter on the skin. The thing with searching for a spicy wood scent with even some citrus as you said.. is that a lot of the things that represent that may smell animalic which is unappealing to many. Take Azzaro Visit for example.. very dry woodsy with some citrus, but smells animalic or like body odor. If you don't mind something spicy and sweet simultaneously I'd recommend Zirh Corduroy, one of my all time favorites.

    Thinking about it now, there haven't been too many fragrances that use the Old Spice base and work with it from there.

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    True, while Tommy certainly has a strong spice component, I think many Americans at least would think of it more as "fresh" than "spicy," due to cultural ideas about what "spicy" should smell like (and also not eating many if any foods with strong cardamom or coriander - LT says cardamom). In any case, I did think of another frag, which should be a good transition from the vintage OS to "modern" frags, and that is Etra by Etro.
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    Default Re: On a quest...

    Here's a thread that discusses Old Spice replacements:

    Might help.
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    A spicy, sweet, hints of citrus in the opening, scent that also has a slightly powdery vibe ala Old Spice (although this smells quite a bit different!) that I think you might like is Viktor & Rolf's Antidote.
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    Default Re: On a quest...

    Aramis Cool Blend is my first pick.
    Azzaro Visit
    Zirh Ikon

    some cheap citrus topped wood&spice perfumes. I like them all.

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    Default Re: On a quest...

    Wow, thanks for the great info, guys (esp. to RM & BV)! I'll check these out.

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    I also enjoy Zirh Corduroy. It's a nice sweet, spicy, woody smell. I got a 4 ounce bottle for 13 dollars at
    TJ Maxx.

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    Have you tried Royall Lyme?
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Cologneist View Post
    Please don't talk brevity. English is my third language.

    Cool water? i don't think so. tommy is more strong.
    lemon is over doze in tommy.
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    Truefitt & Hill West Indian Limes Cologne is a nice replacemnt for Old Spice Lime because it is lime dominant but also has a nice spice mixed in that though not as spicey as Old Spice Lime, it is very nice. Truefitt & Hill WI Limes is lime, neroli and cloves for spice. Try it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamid View Post
    Please don't talk brevity. English is my third language.

    Cool water? i don't think so. tommy is more strong.
    IMO = In my opinion
    As you opinion is that Tommy is stronger, which is subjective.

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    Default Re: On a quest...

    A lot depends upon which direction he wants to go. In a woody direction, there is Herrera for men refreshing ginger. In a creamy direction there is Jaipur Homme. Etc.

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    Default Re: On a quest...

    PS by Paul Sebastian is worth a try. Wearing it today myself. It's not exactly like Old Spice, but it's close and and it's got a lot more EdT style strength.

    It's also inexpensive and can probably be found in a lot of chain drugstores.
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