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    Default I'm still learning, but one thing I've gotten into is my own combination of scents..................

    Every Man Jack's Pepper Body Wash is amazing!

    I first noticed this at Target last year but was not sure, have not heard much about this line.

    Then I found it at Big Lots! just blocks away for less than half the price at Target, so I bought a bottle.

    No dyes, parabens and just smells great and cleans............ seriously cleans!

    Real vetiver and pepper in there and it stays with you for quite a while.

    Now I've gotten into combining this with Cuba Paris's Cuba Black, what a 1-2 Punch!!

    First wash with Pepper Body Wash, then fragrance free under arm deodorant and a little Cuba Black EDT.
    I feel like the first guy to concoct the Root Beer Float!

    Anyone else out there have some unique scent cocktails that they bring out for special occasions?

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