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    Default Entire Romea d'Ameor Line

    Claimed to be the last works of Pierre Bourdon before his retirement. All released in 2008.

    Le Princesses de Venise
    Notes: orange, black currant, melon, pineapple, cloves, champaca, orange blossom, jasmine, cassis, sandalwood, raspberry, iris, pistachio.

    Les Espionnes du Tsar
    Notes: Italian lemon, grapefruit, red apple and melon; jasmine, rose, lily of the valley and magnolia, iris, sandalwood, patchouli, caramel, vanilla, musk, amber.

    Les Grandes Amours de Taj-Mahal
    Notes: grapefruit, bergamot, melon, black currant, green notes, lily of the valley, sea water, lotus, rose, jasmine, iris, vetiver, raspberry, peach, vanilla, musk.

    Les Grandes Pretresses Incas
    Notes: mandarin orange, grapefruit, orange, red apple, mango, orchid, sea water, lily of the valley, jasmine, sandalwood, oakmoss, teak wood, nectarine, dark chocolate, caramel and musk.

    Les Impératrices Japonaises
    Notes: peony, lily, ylang-ylang, heliotrope, freesia, melon, violet, rose, lily-of-the-valley, orris root, vetiver, teak wood, sandalwood and tonka bean.

    Les Maitresses de Louis XIV
    Notes: rose, wood, amber, cloves, galbanum, black currant, melon, glory lily, jasmine, narcissus, lily of the valley, iris, nectarine and musk.

    Les Souveraines d’Egypte
    Notes: melon, passionfruit, lychee, balsam of Peru, vanilla, clove, orchid, jasmine, magnolia, rose, heliotrope, vetiver, iris, coconut, peach, amber and musk.

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    Default Re: Entire Romea d'Ameor Line

    Myself and girlfriend have tried a few samples from this perfumer, purchased from
    There's a few that we liked, they're well worth trying for anyone who hasn't done so already.

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    Default Re: Entire Romea d'Ameor Line

    Added to the directory, awaiting approval.
    I used the English names for the scents; The Princesses of Venice, The Spies of the Tsar, and so on.
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