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    Default Question on review etiquette

    I have what may be an unusual question, and I'm not even sure this is the best place to ask it. I just started my own blog, and am planning to post perfume reviews there. I've been posting my reviews regularly on another forum and once in a while here, if the perfume is one that they don't have in their database.

    What is the usual practice regarding posting the same (or similar) review on more than one site? I don't want to be redundant, but the audiences for the forum and my blog may be different, and it will take time to build an audience for the blog. If/when people do post a review in more than one place, do they put in a cross-reference to the other site?

    Thanks for whatever input you can give on this issue.
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    Default Re: Question on review etiquette

    My take on the issue is as follows. You should do a brief but informative review here on BN. Give us the facts.
    Your blog is your forum -- it isn't just content, it is a reflection of you. So take those bare-bones comments and develop them more. Have anecdotes, observations, musings... make it more personal, longer, more digressive.
    I do think that there should not be simple cross-referencing. That is just lazyness in the long run. If people want exposure, then they have to do the work.

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    Default Re: Question on review etiquette

    I agree with Ody. If you duplicate the entire review on your blog by posting it on Basenotes, then there's no reason for us to visit your blog. If you post only a link it seems somewhat mercenary, like you're using Basenotes merely as a tool to get readers for your blog.

    Doing what Ody recommends seems best to me. Let it all hang out on your blog, but also put some time into writing a useful review for the Basenotes community, one that will intrigue us enough to want to read your blog.

    Good luck and congrats on your blog.

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    Default Re: Question on review etiquette

    If I understood you correctly, you plan to put on your new blog your reviews already posted elsewhere. I think this is ok as a beginning - when they will be gathered in one place, your distinct style and preferences will emerge and can be interesting to readers, even if some of them they have read before. It's your work, you can do it. Naturally, you will write new reviews and expand the existing ones over time. Hasn't Luca Turin also based his book on some of his previous reviews posted on the internet? Good luck!

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    Default Re: Question on review etiquette

    I think you should pm Grant & ask him.
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