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Thread: What next?

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    Default What next?

    Okay, so I have been browsing these forums a lot lately and need some recommendations.. I am a 21 year old college student and feel like all of my scents are for the most part centered around the same thing, either aquatics or citruses... I want to pursue more options and pick up 3-4 new things soon.

    Current list includes...
    Diesel Fuel For Life
    Azzaro Chrome
    Armani Code
    Armani Acqua di gio
    Herrea 212
    Versace Pour Homme
    Lucky You

    I don't want to get the "you smell like an old man", I just want more of a variety that would suit me as a young college student.

    I am considering Le Male, A*Men, Burberry (touch, london, brit), The Dreamer, Body Korous, Bvlgari Black, etc...

    Let me know what you think would widen my selection and tell me how/why please!

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    Default Re: What next?

    I think you may want something kinda woodsy, but not too heavy for spring/summer. Some that come to mind are Paul Smith Extreme, Zirh Corduroy,
    and Zegna Colonia. Also, you could try Mugler, which has a soapy vibe similar to Irish Spring. Tom Ford Grey Vetiver is one of the safest bets for
    a vetiver.

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    Default Re: What next?

    burberry london is a safe bet, a men and le male are good gourmands, rive gauche by yves st laurant would be a good one too.

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    Id try a few good orientals/gourmands, vetivers and woody fragrances. Also consider trying some of the florals marketed at men, although these arn't as 'newbie friendly.'
    Gourmand - Lolita Lempicka au Masculin
    Oriental - Body Kouros
    Vetiver - Kenzoair, Tom Ford Grey Vetiver
    Wood - Gucci pour Homme I, Comme des Garcons 2 Man, Christian Lacroix Tumulte
    Floral - Kenzo Power, JPG Fleur du Male (let this one settle for a while, the top notes are very feminine), Dior Homme
    Fougere - Narciso Rodriguez pour Homme - just suggesting this as its very different for a designer scent.

    I think these would be a good start to expand your horizons & hopefully you'll end up liking a few of them.
    Looking for: Andy Tauer - L'air du Desert Morocain & Incense Extreme

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    Default Re: What next?

    I have and enjoy AdG, Versace Pour Homme, and 212. I also like the smell of Chrome, it just doesn't work on my skin unfortunately. With that in mind, I think we may have similar tastes.

    I really think you should try Bvlgari Aqva, though that wouldn't really be branching out that much.

    Some frags I've found I enjoy as I've worked to branch out from my beloved aquatics are: Terre d'Hermes, Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche, Viktor & Rolfe Antidote, and Paco XS. Those may be worth a sample.

    Welcome to Basenotes. Enjoy your fragrance journey.

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    Default Re: What next?

    I'm beginning to like the grassy qualities of Bobby Jones. Also, the licorice and wood in Ungaro Apparition Intense is worth considering, being that it is not as "in your face" as Body Kouros.

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    Default Re: What next?

    Your list is fine. Burberry London, Carolina Herrera CH, Jpg Fleur Du Male, you can add these into your list.

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