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    Default My nose goes walkabout in San Francisco.

    We have been in San Francisco for the past four days, staying in a
    hotel near to Union Square. Here are some of the scents I tried out
    over here.

    Neiman Markus was a very impressive store with a beautiful, high,
    gilded, domed ceiling. As I walked in I was met by an SA attempting to spray me with the new
    Fresh scent (lemon something or other) but I managed to sidestep her in time and headed
    straight for the Tom Ford display. Those black bottles were presented in a magnificent way
    and I tried a few prefering Noir de Noir out of the lot.
    Downstairs in the men's section with Hubbie I was delighted to find bottles of Dior Jules and
    Eau Noire. I tried both and loved the Eau Noire on my other half - what is it with me and "black" scents??

    Next stop Diptyque in Maiden Avenue , where I loved the Philosycos. Sadly my sniffing there was cut
    short by a bomb scare in the very area I was in! Fortunately it was a false alarm - an unidentified package that
    turned out to be harmless.

    In Sephora I sprayed on some 24 Faubourg - beautiful!

    Finally I ventured into Victoria's Secret, feeling very "old," and pretended I was searching for scents for my nieces.
    They pointed me towards the new Sexy Little Thing Noire (black again....) and I tried the Heavenly one too ( a bit bland)
    I ended up buying the black ones for my nieces, as they were in such cute packaging.
    That's all for today folks.....
    Flying back this afternoon after a great 10 days in California. Loved Santa Barbara and Morro Bay in particular.
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    Default Re: My nose goes walkabout in San Francisco.

    Thanks for the review, kewart, sounds like you had a great time!
    You were in my little town - SB - I wonder if I saw you snapping photographs.
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    Default Re: My nose goes walkabout in San Francisco.

    what a nice vacation! Thanks for the trip highlights. Next time you are back in Santa Barbara area, we must do a meet up!
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    Default Re: My nose goes walkabout in San Francisco.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip. It's a great place with a lot of great places to go sniffing. Did you get to Barneys?

    I have been working in the area for the past couple of months, and had dinner in the city last night. Maybe I saw you?
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    Default Re: My nose goes walkabout in San Francisco.

    Sounds like fun! Thanks for the sniffa report. ♥

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    Default Re: My nose goes walkabout in San Francisco.

    Thanks for the great report Kewart ! It sounds like you had a wonderful sniffing spree !
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    Default Re: My nose goes walkabout in San Francisco.

    You should have posted earlier, some of use could have come up and joined you for an afternoon of sniffing!!!!
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    Default Re: My nose goes walkabout in San Francisco.

    kewart; Glad you are enjoying The City by The Bay. San Fragacisco is my favorite place on the planet.

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    Default Re: My nose goes walkabout in San Francisco.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    Have a great trip back home.

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    Default Re: My nose goes walkabout in San Francisco.

    Hi folks! Feeling hugely jet-lagged today.
    Yes it was a great trip. I especially enjoyed Santa Barbara and San Fran.
    Forgot to mention I tried L'Heure Bleue for the first time and fell in love with it.

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    Default Re: My nose goes walkabout in San Francisco.

    Aw - you didn't contact any of us

    Anyway, I hope you had a fabulous time! It looks like you made it to Neiman's, specifically the one Neimans with the full Guerlain boutique inside, which I trust you found if you tracked down L'Heure Bleue. I hope you sniffed a couple of exclusives while you were there!
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