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    Default Weirdness with Cabaret

    I'm a big fan of Parfum Gres' "Cabaret' and was thrilled to find it on discount at T.J. Maxx. When I got it home, though, it turns out the bottle is significantly different from the regular one. Instead of the red harlequin pattern, it's totally clear except for the red top! The juice seems OK, but the clear bottle is just hideous. Anyone else ever find this? I wonder if it's because it's an el-cheapo buy.

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    Who cares about the bottle if the juice is nice? Just enjoy.

    My fav Gres is Cabochard, followed by Cabotine, a very sharp floral.

    I have had many discount buys and I am usually happy.
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    I think that the regular bottle is plenty hideous. Great jus, though.

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