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    Default Mystery Guerlain minis?

    Hi all, I am new to this forum...but happy to be here!
    I have a question and I wonder if you all could help out.
    Last week, I purchased off fleabay a 4 mini collection of Guerlain--it had Chamade, L'Heure Bleue, Shalimar and Mitsouko. It is in a white box with a sliding plastic sleeve on it and it is circa 1983.
    The frags are all divine and indubitably real...and the box says that they are "parfums" of Guerlain, but are they truly parfum strength or just EDP?

    If anyone is familiar with this set, please let me know...

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    Default Re: Mystery Guerlain minis?

    That is a nice find! I don't have the set, but I've seen them pop up on da'Bay at times. Some of the Guerlain sets are all edt, or all edp, etc. If yours is labeled with only the word "parfum", then they should all be pure parfum strength. Maybe someone who owns a set can chime in, too?
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