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    Default Re: Allure Homme & Cool Water: Luca Turin May Want to Reconsider

    I laugh when people get all offended when Turin and/or Sanchez give fragrances they like bad reviews. Grow up people. Enjoy the book for what it is. The OP has a hate on for Turin. LOL, why should Turin reconsider because YOU said so ? I would love to harrass every BNer that give my favorites bad reviews or even bad comments on the forum. Wouldn't that be fun ?

    PS : Allure Homme is really sweet in the dry down. Too sweet, actually. I like the top notes alot. But I just can't take the fragrance for more than 1 hour. It actually gives me a headache No, not a fictional over-exagerated headache, but a real one. One of a couple of fragrances that do that to me.
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    Default Re: Allure Homme & Cool Water: Luca Turin May Want to Reconsider

    Yes I'm reviving this because A) it's a good post and B) I think the issue of Allure needs to be addressed. Here's the issue with Allure Homme. First of all, you're Chanel, with the exception of the niche houses, your perfumiers have quite literally the best of the best of ingredients to choose from, they could've opened up with a glorious floral top to complement the lemon you get at the outset, maybe a base of exotic woods or a new sandalwood variant. As it is, Allure smells like a bottle of lazy lemon (artificial lemon) you can get at any grocery store with a bit of pepper thrown in. For what a truly high-end citrus should smell like, see Hanae Mori's HM. HM is the calibre of scent you expect from a house like Chanel demanding a price tag like that. Here's the thing; it isn't that Chanel's Allure is a "bad" fragrance, it's just terribly "average" and for a house that's done Platinum Egoiste, No. 5, and CoCo, you should expect more.

    As for the OP's point about various notes in Cool Water being done better in other fragrances individually, the point is that they've never been done this well together. That Cool Water/GIT mix of Lavender and violet just worked in a way that no other perfumer's been able to replicate. Of my 50 or so bottles of fragrance, Cool Water has garnered more compliments than any other by far, for all the hauteur and snobbery it elicits, the bottom line is it "smells good."

    I do appreciate the OP's post though, it's incredibly astute and does make some good points, but yeah, at the end of the day, I agree with Turin on this, for a house of Chanel's calibre, a fragrance like Allure is just below par...

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