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    I blind bought this stuff based on the unanimous reviews, and my infatuation with green fragrances. I don't really find this to be green, it's also too synthetic smelling for words. It's actually difficult to detect the notes as some reviewers have said which also contributes to its more synthetic smell and feel as well. I get some rosewood, lime, some sort of soapiness, bergamot, grapefruit, sandalwood. I could be way off on the notes because this stuff is so complex. It smells somewhat like a cleaning product, but not entirely. It has this candy like smell and feeling to it as well. You know when a fragrance feels like it's disintegrating like in Joop!, Diesel Zero Plus, Realities or Obsession to name a few. Like this cloying, synthetic feeling more so than smell itself. As it dries down it becomes more herbal and grassy I also get some vanilla; but I just can't think of any fragrance to compare this too. Which pretty much gives it the stamp of "unique-ness". However the gamble they took while making this fragrance is what matters, and to me.. while the smell is unique it's still ordinary. Nothing really makes me wanna reach for this stuff when I'm picking my sotd. I may end up using it for the sheets, it actually kind of smells like detergent. The bottle is also extremely trippy, you have to see it in front of you really. It's like a bottle of Robitussin with a bunch of circular mirrors surrounding the cap.

    I guess I can't wait to use this stuff up really. I'd actually love to sell it or swap it out. I have this problem where I just can't throw out a fragrance until the bottle is empty, and even then I tend to save the bottles. I have a box in the attic that must have 100+ empty bottles in it, it's just a habit I guess.

    Anyways, I know how some people look at some of these "hidden gems" and keep contemplating whether or not to purchase it. Rykiel Man might be hidden, but it really isn't a gem.
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    How was the lastability of this fragrance on your skin and projection?

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    I have a bottle of this and it is kind of weird but I like it. I'm not always in the mood for it, but sometimes it's exactly what I'm itchin' to wear. The notes are difficult for me to describe. It's kind of a green, soapy semi-aquatic with latex/rubber. The bottle is kind of tacky, yet I also find it cool looking.

    I think what I like about this scent most is the fact that it makes me scratch my head trying to describe it.

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    True, Indie.. I agree with you on everything you said. It reminds me of fresh laundry as well, and I guess it is good to have to wear once in a while, but too often is what is too much for me.

    To answer your question scentimus, longevity isn't bad. 4-6 hours, usually right in between. Projection and sillage are about average.

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    Sounds a bit like Chaleur d'Animale from your description.

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    I have this and although nothing special, it's OK.

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    Based on the description given above, I can see why one would liken it to Chaleur d'Animale; however, CdA is much more sharp and astrigent in the beginning. I really don't like CdA because of this sharp, synthetic note, where as I don't mind Rykiel Man as such. The latex/rubber accord just makes RM smell weird, almost the same way Laguna Homme by Dali suffers from a strange synthetic note. They're okay at what they do, but the weird notes that stick out in both of them make one less inclined to wear them.

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