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    What was your first cologne, and how did it come to you (gift or own purchase)? Feeling nostaligic today!

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    Default Re: First Cologne

    Balafre by Lancome, gift from my Mom, wonderful woody scent ....
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    My first cologne was Ralph Lauren "romance". I bought it off a kid who lived in my street that had stolen it from a shop lol

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    Polo, a hand-me-down from my father. Brought me out in a rash! Didn't bin it until years later because it was Dad that had given it to me.

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    After a couple of years of sneaking stuff from my parents one of my Great Great Aunts gave me my first 2 "proper" scents on my 16th birthday (1972) before that I had bought some musk oils and a couple of other oils on my own - the ones she gave me were 4711 and Eau Sauvage my mom fussed about the Eau Sauvage being for men but my aunt told her basically to just hush up because she thought it was a lovely scent that can be worn by anyone - it (ES) remains my favorite scent to this day though there are many others I like almost as much I don't wear it a lot but when I do it makes me happy. I still like 4711 a lot too it's my "go-to" plane travel/airport scent along with Michael Jordan's Flight now.

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    Le Male. Bought it myself. Still my favorite frag.

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    Was 14 when I first received a bottle of Salvador Dali PH as a birthday present, so exactly 17 years ago. This was the first proper designer fragrance worn. The first ones bought were two years later, around the age of 16, when Chevignon Brand and Drakkar Noir opened a long series of purchases.

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    My first real department store (not the drugstore stuff) fragrance was Jean Patout Lacoste eau de Sport. This was the 1970's and my father had an aunt that worked the fragrance counter at a nice department store and she recommended it. I recently found a partially used bottle on Ebay and I'm living the 70's again. It's such a unique herbal-citrus combo.

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    My mother bought me Polo Sport when I was a around 13-14. Then she kept buying me annual bottles of different fragrances, including Clinique Happy, etc.

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    First gift was Liz Claiborne. I forget the name, but it was a green bottle with a red cap. My first purchases were Gucci Rush ph and Desire for a man
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    My mom gave me a bottle of Lauder For Men as a gift.

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    Pour Monsieur by Pierre Cardin bought by my Mother from the neighborhood Discount shop.(10-12 yrs old??)
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    Halston Z-14. Bought it myself.

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    I think it was RL Polo. I think I purchased it myself.
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    Sometime in the 1980s, my grandfather gifted me bottle of Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur. Sometime around that time he also got me a bottle of Chaps by Ralph Lauren and Karl Largerfeld Classic. I doused myself in these fragrances, and that is when the bug hit me. Throughout my childhood, my mom would buy fragrance for my dad, but he rarely wore them, so he gave them to me.

    It just seems so crazy that a little kid would wear something like those fragrances today! I still have a bottle of Pierre Cardin that I keep just for nostalgia.

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    Ck Obsession, a hand me down from my father. Now it's me who gives him fragrances I don't care to wear anymore. haha.
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    Ralph Lauren Chaps. Probably from my dad but I don't remember for sure. I was maybe 13-14.

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    English Leather gift set, Gift from a girl friend.

    Every time I see that big woody cap, I think of her, lol

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    My first was RL Polo, which I bought for myself during my freshman year of high school.

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    First one was a gift: Ralph Lauren Chaps from a friend at the age of 6. Never wore it, didn't like the smell of it.

    First one I wore: Gap Dream, from Gap's old unisex line of fragrances, at the age of 13. I got most of my jeans at the time from Gap, so it was a good fit.

    First one I bought with my own money: Mugler Cologne, introduced by fellow Basenoters, bought for my 18th birthday.
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    Around the time I was 6, I started asking my Dad for a quick splash of what he was wearing. Then he got me mini's of my favorites that he had, 4711, Lagerfeld Classic, and Cool Water. I remember him also having Halston Z-14 and I think that dusty bottle might still be hanging out in a box somewhere. I'll have to ask him.

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    Ha ha! My dear grandmother (God rest her soul) sold Avon a long time ago. I had to have been about 7-9 years old and she sent me Avon Wild Country aftershave in a corny (no pun intended) clear glass corn cob pipe decant. I remember the smell and can still smell it now. At the time I liked it but really it was wretched stuff. Just awful. LOL.

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    I see a pattern/ trend here....... a lot of us had a polo ralph lauren fragrance as our first. I don't know this info, but were polo fragrances really popular in the U.S around the 70's to 90's?

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    Versace Man Eau Fraiche, purchased myself after listening to tswetcoff's YouTube reviews for a while

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    Joop I think. In the late 80s when I was 7 years old.

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    The first cologne that I bought by myself was One Million by Paco Rabbane aka Chick magnet at the Clubs.

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    My first was Turbo or Niki Lauda. Not absolutely sure.


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    I've told this story before, but it fits the thread, so I'll tell it again.

    I have no frickin' clue what my first fragrance was. In fact, I really wish I knew! But here's the story of how I got it and what happened next.

    When I was in college, a guy was selling impostor type scents for $20 a bottle. They might have only been $10, come to think of it. He had a caordboard box full of frags. Fancy, eh? I KNOW! How could I resist?! Well, I sniffed a few and quickly chose one.

    I'll never forget what happened the first time I wore it.

    I was walking to class with my roommate, who was also my best friend. As we came around a tight corner of a building, a woman and I plowed straight into each other from opposite directions, sending all of our stuff flying. WHAM!!! My roommate stood there and watched as she and I collected our stuff off the floor. Her papers were everywhere, so we were scurrying around gathering them as other students trampled through on their way to class. I should note that the woman I'd collided with was gorgeous. I was a shy guy back then and I thought she was so far out of my league that I could barely even make eye contact with her. I quickly helped her gather her papers and said I was sorry.

    I assumed she was going to apologize too, or curse at me, but instead she looked me in the eye and very matter-of-factly said "You smell great." She said it as if each of the three words was a different sentence. You. Smell. Great. And then she walked away.

    When I finally got home later in the day after a full schedule of classes, I walked into the bathroom and had a good laugh... because an identical bottle of the fragrance I'd bought the day before was sitting on my roommate's side of the sink.
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    Default Re: First Cologne

    Can't remember for sure but think it was Balafre or a Pierre Cardin fragrance.
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    When I was about 10 or 11 I received as a birthday gift a bottle of dreadful Jade East cologne which, to be fair, had a cool Chinese pagoda cover that went over the bottle. Fortunately by the time I was 16 or 17 I had better taste and bought myself a bottle a bottle of Eau Sauvage which is a scent I like to this very day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnus611 View Post
    Pour Monsieur by Pierre Cardin bought by my Mother from the neighborhood Discount shop.(10-12 yrs old??)
    I believe this was my first, but it may have been Halston Z14. I am not sure how I got the Pierre Cardin, but I do clearly recall writing an article for the school newspaper about my cologne buying experience. I had it down to Polo and Z14 and settled on Z14. Hey, it WAS 1984!
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    Dunhill Desire(red)
    Halston Man Amber
    Mugler Pure Havane
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    Wow its amazing how young some of you were when you first started to wear fragrances. 6 years old!!!!!!

    I was late teens when I bought myself Cool Water, closely followed by Polo Sport.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adam090273 View Post
    Wow its amazing how young some of you were when you first started to wear fragrances. 6 years old!!!!!!

    I was late teens when I bought myself Cool Water, closely followed by Polo Sport.
    Same here! I smelled every fragrance at Macy's, finally chose Cool Water. It hurts I knew nothing about the fragrance game and paid MSRP for it....

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    My first cologne was Nautica classic. My mother bought it for me when I was in high school.

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    Default Re: First Cologne

    I'm so impressed by how many wonderful memories everyone has by their first cologne! I guess it's true what they say about never forgetting your first!

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    Pierre Cardin, Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur. When I first started kindergarten my Mom purchased me a 30 ML splash bottle. Before going to Kindergarden everyday I would dab a little bit on my neck and forearms, lol. The best part is my Mom took a pic of this!

    Here is a pic of my first day of kindergarten and me applying the Pierre Cardin!

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    Default Re: First Cologne was my dads, all I ever remember him wearing, so I gave it a shot.

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    Default Re: First Cologne

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kampus Kop View Post
    When I was about 10 or 11 I received as a birthday gift a bottle of dreadful Jade East cologne which, to be fair, had a cool Chinese pagoda cover that went over the bottle. Fortunately by the time I was 16 or 17 I had better taste and bought myself a bottle a bottle of Eau Sauvage which is a scent I like to this very day.
    When I was about 15, Jade East was really BIG! I remember that stuff - it was the era of exotic fougere fragrances like Jade East, Canoe, Brut , etc.

    My first bottle was a self purchase of Guerlain's Eau de Cologne Imperiale. I was 15 also. This was 1964 and very few cologne bottles had sprayers then, and Guerlain had a glass stopper top for their still similar clear glass bottle that reminded me of a chemistry lab bottle container - I couldn't resist. I wore Imperiale for 4 years as my signature. As far as I could tell, nobody else wore that cologne but me.

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    Default Re: First Cologne

    Received as a gift when I was around 7 or 8.

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    Man this is really hard to answer. I think my very first fragrance was actually Gravity, At the time it actually was pretty popular. Then I got cool water since my brother stopped wearing it and I inherited his bottle. But what I consider my first real fragrance was acqua di gio. I know I know. But at that time we didnt really have basenotes and other placed to inform us.

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    A little bottle of Jovan Musk for Men in the mid-80's. It was a 1/2 oz splash bottle. I treasured it like it was some sort of rare jewel. I remember the liquid being darker than it is now, and the smell was deeper. I have a bottle of the current stuff, but I never reach for it. It's still smells the same, but perhaps a little weaker.

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    Default Re: First Cologne

    First ones I ever tried.. Jovan Musk and Paco Rabanne. My dad's.
    First one I owned.. and Drakkar Noir copycat (even bottle design) named Black Knight.
    First one I bought.. Aspen

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    Guerlain's Vetiver was the first I bought for myself. I was given Pierre Cardin which I really loved back in the day.

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    Default Re: First Cologne

    The first aftershave I wore was Skin Bracer. I was about four years old and my dad let me try it. The first EDT I owned was Eternity, an old bottle originally owned by my brother-in-law. Ten years later and I still have it.

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    Drakkar Noir from a GF(who later became my wife)at the end of '93. I couldn't stand it so a few months later we went down to the local Macy's, sniffed everything and picked up a small bottle of Polo Sport and Hugo!

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    Default Re: First Cologne

    Blue Stratos Sport - given to me by my Mum the night before I went away for the first time on my own on a school ski trip - I was 12

    Distinctly remember the bottle - it was white with red, blue and yellow flashes on it. I have tried to find pictures of it but the Internet seems to have no record of this historical point in my life!

    (And for the record, I gave my eldest son Fin, who is 8, a sneaky spray of Aventus while on holiday last month)

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    Michael by Michael Kors. Gift from my lady at the time

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