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    Default How to best heal blemishes???

    Long story short....I went camping, no face soap, shaving, etc. When I got home I had a few pimples on my lip and chin. When I shaved I tried to be careful but I basically cut them off. Now I have red blemishes that are SLOWLY healing. Anyone have any suggestion on a product to use that will help the red marks heal faster but that also won't grease my skin and possibly create another clogged pore???
    -Thanks, Ben

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    Default Re: How to best heal blemishes???

    First of all: don't put anything on top of them if they're still open and bleeding. Wait till your skin heels itself and look if it leaves a red mark in a week.

    If so, you can use an AHA or BHA product (exfoliators) for your marks. You can continue to use then every second day or so for your whole face. It will start to look less dull, and fine (dry) wrinkles will go away.
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    Default Re: How to best heal blemishes???

    They're not bleeding, but I don't want scars and I have a new job starting Tue, so I'd like my skin to be healed and as clear as possible. I mean, should I just put some neosporin on the area?

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    Default Re: How to best heal blemishes???


    If - and only if - they are infected, put a little antibiotic cream on. And then avoid sunlight.

    But if they are simply healing wounds, the best thing is to leave them exposed to air during the day. Dab a little vitamin E oil on them in the evening (well before bedtime, otherwise you'll just rub it off on your pillow). And: no scars.
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    Default Re: How to best heal blemishes???

    Good old aloe vera gel would work great to help those blemishes heal fast. It's not greasy at all and absorbs fast. I use the one by Fruit of The Earth but almost any would do as long as it doesn't contain alcohol.
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