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    Default Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    I'm feeling the need to do this again, I don't think we've had a thread like this in a while, if so, my apologies!

    The beauties on my mind of late, in no particular order:

    Chanel no. 19 my eternal standby

    Annick Goutal Songes lush ylang ylang reminds me of strolling in parks in both NY and Paris

    Jean Patou Sublime (NEW LOVE) this one takes you on a journey with a surprising opening, I think it is patchouli, and over time the roughness turns soft and powdery and elegant. Has a real retro classic feel to me. I have to admit I am finally "of that certain age" to pull this off so this new encounter with it is a bittersweet discovery.

    Ava Luxe Vanilla Musk (soft, gentle, sweet, but has a solid base so that it's not overly sweet)

    Ormonde Jayne Woman feels like a cashmere shawl against the shoulder, warm, woody and breezy
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    "Like a lobster with a pearl in its claw, the beet held the jasmine firmly without crushing or obscuring it. Beet lifted jasmine, the way a bullnecked partner lifts a ballerina, and the pair came on stage on citron's fluty cue. As if jasmine were a collection of beautiful paintings, beet hung it in the galleries of the nose, insured it against fire or theft, threw a party to celebrate it. Citron mailed the invitations." Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins p. 189

    What I am loving right now: Shalimar vintage extrait, Chanel Bois des Iles, Chanel no. 22, Le Labo Iris 39, Guerlain Iris Ganache

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    #1. Jean Couturier Coriandre -- has always been, will always be. Nothing else expresses me as a human being more accurately than a rough herbal start, sharp and intoxicating florals and mellow and cozy mossy dryout with a little stink, thrown in for a good measure. If I ever say something else is taking Coriandre's place -- quote this post for me, will ya please?

    #2. Chanel Bois des Iles -- melanchophilosophycal me, metaphysical me, the fragrance that helps me see the big picture in perspective (or, the forest behind the trees).

    #3. Berdoues Violettes de Toulouse -- a sweet violet, with quite synthetic raspberry undertones and woody ending. To satisfy my sweet tooth.

    #4. Chanel 28, La Pausa -- because I have finished a big flacon in a little over a year (well, I was sharing too!) -- for the hot summer days or for the winter when it is too cold and the scent transports me to the hot summer days, a dreamy scent with happy ending.

    #5. L'Artisan Voleur de Roses -- for overall gentleness and fragility -- a simple bouquet of roses, plums and patchouli but so remarkably tender.

    There are many more that I love and can't imagine myself without (Mauboussin, Hermes, etc) but they will be Top Thirty then. :-)
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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    ooh, nice descriptions, Twolf, I think I may have to wear Voleur de Roses today, the others I have not tried, but have now been intrigued.
    "Like a lobster with a pearl in its claw, the beet held the jasmine firmly without crushing or obscuring it. Beet lifted jasmine, the way a bullnecked partner lifts a ballerina, and the pair came on stage on citron's fluty cue. As if jasmine were a collection of beautiful paintings, beet hung it in the galleries of the nose, insured it against fire or theft, threw a party to celebrate it. Citron mailed the invitations." Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins p. 189

    What I am loving right now: Shalimar vintage extrait, Chanel Bois des Iles, Chanel no. 22, Le Labo Iris 39, Guerlain Iris Ganache

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    Lately I'm loving...

    1) Chanel No. 22...I don't know why. I just love it. It's a pastel fragrance with mystique. A Basenoter sent me a sample of the edt. I hadn't sniffed it in years and at this time I just feel very good in it. My husband says, "eh" - but I think it's great.

    2) Estee Lauder Pure White Linen...It never fails to lift my spirits. I've been wearing it consistently for over a year now, and I'm still not tired of it. It's long lasting but it never becomes tiresome. It has a lot of things going on - tart/sweet/fruity/floral/musky/woodsy - it's clean and clear, yet changeable and keeps my interest. Wardrobe staple workhorse for me.

    3) YSL Opium Poésie de Chine eau d'Orient...I love this sheerer version of Opium. I can actually wear this and the magnolia in it is creamy and lovely.

    4) Grès Cabaret...It's new to me and not at all what I expected. A crisp and delicate, earthy yet clean rose scent.

    5) Shalimar eau de Cologne...a rediscovery from my own wardrobe. I love this version of Shalimar. I think I like most Guerlains in edc form. This is lovely as a summer evening fragrance, or anytime really, but for me it is especially alluring on a summer evening.

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    Interesting timing on this thread. Of late, I have been contemplating my wardrobe, and coming to accept that I went way too fast. I've made many mistakes, did not test enough or explore notes enough prior to buying. I imagine that there will be some shakeup to come over the next months.

    So my current favorites, which surprise even myself:

    1) Coromandel - this one is no surprise, and will always stay. It suits me by being casual or elegant. Every time I wear it, I love it even more.

    2) #5 Eau Premiere - this one did surprise me. I've liked by not loved #5 (my mother's only perfume since I can remember). But I don't know if I would have worn it. Eau Premiere allows me to enjoy the essence of #5, without the weight of scent or memory. I'm not a floral girl, but this brings just enough to the table. Very easy to wear (the part I am discovering is important to me now). Pretty. I really like this one.

    3) YR Rose Absolute - Of all things. It doesn't go over the top sweet to me (dry skin and very dry climate probably helps with that). What I love is the cinnamon, I'm pretty sure. Cinnamon rose with ambery drydown. I wear this alot in the evenings, and I crave this when I don't wear it - one of the few fragrances I own that does that to me.

    4) Bois de Paradis - Another sweet one, but again, not overly so on me. Surprise, a dash of cinnamon rose in there, with a mix of citrus and fruit. Lovely woody drydown sprinkled with the above.

    5) Gabriela Sabatini by Gabriela Sabatini - Another new to me fragrance, brought about by our very own Hidden Treasures thread! Besides the obvious tennis connection, this is a little gem of a muted floral. Wifts of the gentle, warm scent drift up all day - it makes me smile.

    Nothing ground breaking here, just easy fragrances that have been my favs of late - and are teaching me more about my taste than I had acknowledged only a few months ago.
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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    My current top 5:

    1. Perennial favorite Guerlain Vetiver (vintage formula)
    2. Vent Vert (2nd version)
    3. Chanel No. 19
    4. Emeraude (70's vintage)
    5. Sycomore

    (much greenness there, as it has gone warm, humid and windy and it all seems to work. Sycomore works year-round)
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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    Mitsouko because I have found no other that speaks to me like Mitsouko.
    Shalimar because of the mystery and vanilla.
    Habit Rouge Beau Cavalier because of the oud and cinnamon and much more.
    Shaal Nur when I want spice in warm weather.
    Theorema Esprit d'ete for the summer months.
    Encre Noire when nothing but vetiver will do.
    Tumulte Pour Homme when cedar beckons.

    That is more than five....sorry, I got carried away.

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    Profumum Neroli The most delicious neroli.
    It makes me think of the waxy flowers and bees buzzing around.
    Guerlain - Sous les Vent The most delightful golden chypre. Slightly sharp/green, but sunny.
    Ormonde Jayne - Woman Haunting green & ferny. I'm transported to a forest.
    Caron - French Can Can Delightful floral. Light and slightly fruity violets.
    Acqua di Parma Profumo The most gorgeous chypre ever!
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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    What I've been reaching for lately:
    • Acqua Serena by Perlier- a perfect herbal green scent suitable for office wear, I recently procured a back up bottle and am presently unafraid to use my first bottle supply with abandon
    • Apres L'Ondee- because it's a Guerlain, of course, and it works so well for all occasions. Also our recent foggy "Grey May" mornings seem to call for it.
    • Barbara Bui Le Parfum & White Oil Spray- together and separately. A perfect rich- but- not- headache- inducing- scent. The only incensy type frag I have found that doesn't make me feel I smell like I am a church. Thanks N_Tesla for featuring this one in a thread.
    • Fendi's Theorema Leggero- I love all three of the T sisters, in depth Leggero falls between Big T and Esprit D'Ete and so is perfect for spring
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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    I've been craving vetiver, tobacco and woods lately and these have been my current top five:

    1. Timbuktu: I've always loved this scent for its smell, but lately I've understood its darkness and complexity. Plus it lasts forever, has amazing sillage and works wonders in the heat.
    2. Onda: I FINALLY pulled the plug and purchased a 15ml extrait. This is my holy grail of holy grails.
    3. Tribute: I found myself wearing this often this month, actually 5 times (!) and it's not even the end of the month. I find it similar to Onda but Tribute has a tart rose in its heart, that gets to me with every wearing.
    4. Poivre Samarcande: I haven't worn this in a long time and today I revisited it. I've always had problems with its longevity and sillage, but today I doused myself on skin, as opposed to clothing, and found that it really blooms in the heat, especially with sweat, and after the initial peppery blast, a lovely vegetal vetiver emerges its drydown and stays that way.
    5. Sous Le Vent: Dare I say more?! What can I add that hasn't already been said about this masterpiece? I finally purchased a FB and my mom and my grandma liked it so much that I made decants for them, and they told me to order more bottles for them! This is a gorgeous animalic chypre that I find similar in a way to Onda, with an overdose of different herbs and has less emphasis on the vetiver (although it's still very there). The only complaint I have is the longevity and sillage. Well actually longevity isn't that bad, but on my skin, it becomes a very, very, very close skin scent after about three hours. When I think that it has disappeared entirely from my skin, I'm surprised to find that it's still very much there but stuck to my skin, when I take a shower. I have to try this in the hottest and most humid of days. I think it needs sweat to bloom.

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    1) Aramis New West: Beacause of pleasurable Herbal base.
    2) Creed Silver Mountain water: Every ones know why!!
    3) Aramis Devin: Acrid, Strong, i have good feeling whenever i wear it !
    4) Carolina Herrera CH: Floral middle and leather base attracted me
    5) One Man Show By Jaques Bogart: My permanent love. I have many memories with it.

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    Amouage Ciel - a new love, a transparent floral Oriental with a sumptuous drydown. I have been wearing this so much my sheets and pillows smell of, and I only love it's smooth, comforting, warm-yet-clear gorgeousness more each day.

    Henry Dunay Sabi - a perfect sophisticated floral chypre for all seasons, thick and rewarding without ever being overbearing.

    Luciano Soprani by Luciano Soprani - My greatest -ever HG leather-chypre find. I sort of still cannot believe I discovered it. As 'masculine' and dry as the pre-ruined Cabochard. But more elegant, more stately, more seamless and incredibly memorable and haunting. SIGH. It's surreal!

    Donna Trussardi - I think this is precisely what perfume should smell like, frankly! A complex chypre with a 'perfect' classically-styled aldehydic introduction, which dries down to sweet-ish leather chypre. It's impeccable at all stages, and I am in love.

    Van Cleef and Arpels Van Cleef - An clean, crisp, yet-very-warm-hearted aldehydic Oriental. With a surprising soapy, galbanum-y accord that lends a very interesting sort of sophistication and character to its vanillic, sparkling, ambery character. First mixed with Ambre Gris. I love this one.

    Those are the beauties playing in my head most prominently, but my all time faves aren't by any means "second fiddle": Y, Dia, Ubar, Enlevement Au Serail, Diva, et. al!

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    It's fun to read everyone's current top five. Such diversity! I'll give this a shot:

    Etro Shaal Nur
    Just about everything I want in a fragrance. I feel more in home in this one than in any other.

    Caron Poivre
    It's just so special! Besides, carnations and pepper are two favorite smells.

    Penhaligon's Amaranthine
    The lusty tropical floral with an edge that I've been looking for. Time to buy a bottle.

    Guerlain Chamade
    I took so long to try this! Spring smiles in a bottle. Would never want to be without it!

    L'Artisan Timbuktu
    There are days when I need its boost of beauty and clarity, and nothing else will do.

    It's hard to stop here, but I will.

    P.S. to N_Tesla. YOU cheated! ;-)
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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    OK, here goes...

    CHAMADE: perfect for this season, and oh so sexy without even trying.
    AZUREE: a great leather,sassy but not impressed with itself; great for the downright bizarre weather we've been having here in NoCal this spring.
    MITSOUKO: I am amazed by the greatness of this, just as many of you out there are. The Mona Lisa in a bottle.
    PALOMA PICASSO: a great chypre; smells fresh on me. Love that!
    MAGIE NOIRE: Just love this, and the body lotion rocks. Divine!

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    I looove threads like this, and since our taste changes all the time,
    they are always revalent ... Pour Femme only;

    N°5, Eau de Parfum - I've had this one in my collection for years and years,
    but have just resently re-discovered it's shere beauty. A true 80s scent, potent, over-
    welming, cloying ... all the things I like. The classic Chanel smell, to me that is anyway!

    N°19, Eau de Parfum - I'v always sworn that I would detest green frags untill the day
    I died. But, after joining BN, and experiencing all the love and respect this frag gets, I
    desited to re-try it, and, my oh my, it's delish. Starts off very green, but soon turns into
    a fresh sweet smell on me. I absolutely love it, and it's very easy to wear.

    Hot Couture de Givenchy, EdP - An old love affair of mine, which I've just re-bought.
    I had it back at it's launch, in the gorgeous adult friendly Art Nouveau'ish flacon, I'm not a fan of
    the new teen friendly pinkish flacon, but the juice is still devine beyond compare. I love the cherry
    and pepper notes, and it last forever on my skin, on my clothes, it's infinite. Try it, please!

    Poison de Dior, Vintage Eau de Toilette - Bought a couple of bottles off of Henrys salesthread, and
    by God it's good, more musky and rich than the resent formulation. I seriously can't comprehend that
    this is a love/hate frag, everybody ought to love this, it's that good.
    The modern Poison is very close in smell, but seriously lacks in both sillage and longevity.
    A hard frag to wear, but when it's appropriate, it's the best!

    Black Orchid by Tom Ford, Eau de Parfum - It seriously smell like rancid coconuts and fermented
    fruits, but in a lovely way. Sounds strange, yes, but this is really a love/hate frag, not like Poison,
    with this juice I understand. This is by no means an anonymous frag, this is a frag one uses, when one
    wish to be noticed.
    My babysister fell in love with this at first sniff, my bigsister almost vomited. Hell, a frag with such
    a range is right up my alley ... I LOVE IT!!!

    If you'd wished for a top 10, the following would have been included;

    Hypnotic Poison
    Miss Dior Chérie
    Coco Mademoiselle
    Dolce Vita

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    My top favourites haven't changed that much over the past three years.

    Cristobal - so delectable, sophisticated and swoon-worthy.

    Roma - unusual, refreshing and unashamedly Italian.

    Rive Gauche - so French, retro and decadent.

    AA Flora Nerolia - love the smell of neroli.

    Ivoire - oh my God!!

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    I forgot Bal à Versailles, a new love of mine.
    Got a huge decant from a lovely BNer, and it
    totally lives up to it's name; this smells like a
    ball at Versailles smells like in my imagination,
    sexy, decadent, loud and ultra feminine.

    The scent of the stars, this is Joan Collins;
    Elizabeth Taylor,
    and the late Michael J.'s
    signature scent..!
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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    Bandit extrait - Robert Piguet (my most favourite chypre, leather and bitter green, creamy and classic)

    Sarrasins - Serge Lutens (I have not found a more beautiful jasmine)

    28, La Pausa - Chanel (my best iris, reminds me of summer, I really love it)

    Voleur de Roses - L'Artisan (rose & patchouli, wet earth, melancholic, romantic)

    Sandalo di Mysore -
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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    Loo, *dora* and me are on the same wave-length or in the same fragrant mood again, just like so many times before!
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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    Ohhh, this is always so difficult, because I love soo many perfumes!!

    But if I would have to chose, like 'always on the mark', close to a signature collection, I would say the following:

    1. XS Extreme girl - I am definitely the women to wear heavy, oriental, spicy, sweet BUT polished. This one is my favorite signature.
    2. '2 by Luciano Soprani' - it is the most polished perfume I ever encountered.
    3. Venice by Yves Rocher - it is sooo classy, soo warm , soo me. Incredible.
    4. Mystere by Rochas - this is my favorite oriental green. It is warm and cool at the same time.
    5. Oleg Cassini - my most complimented on.

    But I could go on for a few hours. I recommend reading the 'Unsung treasures' thread. There I let myself go entirely as far as excellent perfumes are concerned.

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    Twolf, I noticed it too!

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    I could list a dozen I've tested and found myself lusting after ( my top five in that category at the moment would be Iris Silver Mist, Carnal Flower, Luxe: Champaca, Tubereuse Couture, and Fille En Aiguilles ), but among my modest collection these have been getting most love.

    Serge Lutens ~ Tubereuse Criminelle

    I was madly in love with this last year, it was my holy grail, and then over this winter things cooled off between me and it. I was worried I was losing the love for it, but actually, it's still my favorite, just that it's switched from being a special-occasion thing to a great everyday fragrance. That cool, wintergreen-tinged tuberose is never too much, or not enough; it's always just right.

    Estee Lauder ~ Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia

    What IS it about this fragrance that's so wearable? From an artistic standpoint, the only thing that really makes it standout among the milieu of white florals is that gardenia note, yet it's just this amazing combination of rich and powerful yet airy, and I reach for it again and again. I am so happy to have a full bottle of this.

    Neil Morris ~ Gandhara

    Dark, edgy, animalic jasmine - when I want sultry, I reach for this. There's something very tropical about it without resorting to fruity cliches - it smells like jasmine on one of those humid Miami nights where the temperature refuses to drop below 30C. When I smell it on myself, I can't help but smile.

    Caron ~ Acaciosa

    I've become addicted to that ambery-warm jasmine drydown, so rich, warm, and autumnal that I'm always reaching for it lately. This one takes a while to dry down into a favorite, but once it does, it's truly satisfying. Thanks so much, Mysticknot, for your kind donation of this one!

    Dior ~ Poison

    Oddly, I've been reaching for this when I feel like something cozy rather than something provocative. Poison has changed in how I perceive it while fundamentally remaining the same fragrance I've come to love.

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    Lately, I have been reaching for these:

    Dior Homme
    Chanel No.19 in various concentrations and vintages
    Chanel Eau de Cologne
    Guerlain Cologne du Parfumer (new release, from a decant)

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    These are too new to me (or too recently rediscovered) to declare them all-time favorites, but I'm definitely infatuated with them right now.

    Salvador Dali's Laguna - this is so much more complex and beautiful than I originally gave it credit for. I wore this a lot last month in New Orleans and the Caribbean, and it just flourishes in the heat and humidity. It reminds me of Dune, but it's fresher and wetter, and it has a tropical, creamy and lemony accord hovering above the salty air. It's exactly what an aquatic should be and I love it.

    Fragonard's Belle de Soleil - another stunner in the heat, although it's not what I'd call's too sultry for that. It's beautifully tropical and beachy while avoiding smelling like suntan lotion (which may be simply because there's no coconut in it.) The citrus at the top is gentle and has the sweet woodiness of petitgrain, then it opens into a gorgeous tiare and frangipani heart on a base of musk, vanilla, benzoin and vetiver. A gorgeous summer floriental that gets loads of compliments.

    Keiko Mecheri's White Petals - this is perhaps the prettiest, cleanest, breeziest and freshest white floral composition I know of. This is a sundress scent, but it's crisp enough to pair with tailored silk and linen. In all honesty, it reminds me a bit of L'Instant de Guerlain without the thick warmth of honey or the creamy sweetness of vanilla. It's just tender fresh flowers like peonies, camellias and roses over woods, and it's simply beautiful.

    Mystere de Rochas, edp - this isn't a warm-weather fragrance, but it was quite cool here until just a few days ago so I'd been wearing this one a lot. I had this years ago and loved every drop, but wasn't able to replace it until last month - I'm so happy I did. This is the furriest scent I own. To me this smells just like the fur of a sunbeam-warmed kitty a few hours after you petted him while wearing perfume - something sophisticated and elegant like Eau du Soir. It's magnificent.

    Rose Kashmirie from Les Parfums de Rosine - my HG of rose and saffron scents, it's the most intriguing, rosiest (and the least edible) rose and saffron scent I know of. It's pure luxury - velvety roses and peonies with that seductive saffron, over myrrh, ambrette, sandalwood and vetiver. Posh, posh, posh. This has quickly become one of my five favorite rose-centric fragrances of all time.

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    You insidious, evil frag pushers, with your beautiful, evocative descriptions, are making me want ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!

    Anyway! I’m glad the question was current favorites -- next week the list may be different. These are all fairly recent purchases (except the Iris 39). This selection is in response to the heat & humidity that has descended on us here in Houston. It’s that time of year again -- only 100 days till our next nice day, sigh.

    Numbered, yet in no particular order....

    1) Y, Yves Saint Laurent - great for day, tart, refreshing and green
    2) Sabi, Dunay - favorite evening scent. Love the richness and complexity. Alternate with DK Gold. (ha! snuck that in)
    3) Mitsouko - day or evening. Dry yet rich and somehow comforting.
    4) Jolie Madame - Daytime, cheerful and green. Also sufficiently delicate and non-intrusive, for movies or dinner out.
    5) Tie between Iris 39 ties and Encre Noire. (And thusly I sneak in another :-) Because it’s a dry iris -- ditto for the dry vetiver.

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    elixir des merveilles
    eau des merveilles
    pink sugar
    eclat (oriflame)
    coco edp
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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    elixir des merveilles
    eau des merveilles
    pink sugar
    eclat (oriflame)
    coco edp

    but I have a "hermes month", so I'm pretty much wearing/testing even the stuff from hermes that I don't like that much, trying some self-suggestion.

    edit: why does this post twice? this is the second time it happens.
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    Manfred: That's what you do in a herd: you look out for each other. " (Ice Age)

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    Well, as of late, these seem to be the ones I consistently crave.

    Chanel No. 19 (my all-time favorite), because its green (big fan of the GREEN), floral, mossy, talc-y-ness makes me swoon. Prefer EDT to EDP because the latter turns a bit too sweet on me.
    Must de Cartier both the original and II versions. Both are quite lovely, well-rounded Orientals, but the latter is much lighter and fresher.
    Murasaki by Shiseido (vintage formulation) - nothing quite like it - exotic floral with a mossy, galbanum-enhanced powdery drydown. Just lovely!
    Rive Gauche by YSL - on me more a metallic green, with a soft, powdery drydown.
    Coriandre by Jean Couturier (vintage formulation) - an initial blast of caustic green with a beautifully soft drydown - you do have to appreciate coriander to enjoy this one.
    Honorable mentions: Calandre (Paco Rabanne), Jolie Madame & Ivoire (Balmain), and Private Collection (Estée Lauder).
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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    In the past I never thought of myself as a seasonal fragrance lover. But I have been finding that my go-tos change in the warm weather.
    So, in this moment, my five favorites are:

    Fire Island
    AL Chypre Noir
    Lovely Patchouli. Unlike amber, I enjoy patchouli in the heat. Late sixties experiences, I guess. I also love AL's Sweet Patchouli in the summer.

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    With the warmer weather and spring flowers blooming, or about to, I have been reaching for light and refreshing scents, scents that are not too sweet-- categories more than individual perfumes.:

    1. Orange Blossom-- though I have several, I really only wear L'Artisan Fleur d'Oranger-- This one is seasonless to me, but I find it an immediate mood elevator and energizer-- and I've been needing a lot more energy lately with the needs of my family taking it out of me.

    2. Lily of the Valley perfumes in general: Muguet des Bois, Diorissimo; Demeter Lily of the Vally; C&E Lily of the Valley; Mary Chess Lily of the Valley (very powdery, probably due to age); even a tiny LOTV bottle bought at an antiques store, made by April Flowers. did I forget to wear my Taylor of London LOTV cologne ice stick? Tomorrow, maybe!

    3. Lemony/citrusy perfumes for the same reason-- Limón layered with Honey & Lemon (Shimmering); today I had on Love's Tropical Frenzy and later, Guerlain Cologne du Parfumeur; yesterday Verbena and Lemon.

    4. Rose perfumes generally but especially Diabolo Rose, whose minty note is uplifting! Throw in some AG Rose Absolue for variety.

    5. A number of lilacs, like Mary Chess White Lilac, Demeter Lilac, and Highland Lilac of Rochester. These remind me of my childhood with a back yard full of lilacs, and are happy scents. Also, Mom likes lilac and I like to wear it around her.

    So there you have it. Light, fresh, uplifting and un-sweet. To counter the gravity of my life these days.

    How wonderful it is to be able to use scent therapeutically!

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