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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    I've just added about five things to my "gotta test" list after reading your entries. Thanks, ladies! Feeling a little overwhelmed, but that's OK. ;-)
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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    In this order........

    1.Carnal Flower. When I get obsessed with a scent, I really get obsessed. For someone who just about hated that wintergreen note, I now love it. I think I love it even more than the tuberose absolute in this fragrance. I love the way this perfume just gets under your skin and becomes a skin smell. I love the way it morphs from beginning to end. I love how it starts fresh and ends up skanky with the musk ,hours later.
    I love the color of the juice- golden thick yellow, the packaging ,the bottle and how the stopper is like a hockey puck .

    2.Vol de Nuit Extrait. As much as I have' gone off' Guerlain somewhat lately, Vol de Nuit despite its shortcomings in the longevity department ,speaks to my soul . Deliciously addictive ,warm,sweet,heavenly.

    3. Estee Lauder Tuberose Gardenia. Just perfect gardenia.

    4.Poivre . I think that if I had found Poivre earlier ( forever grateful to Haunani for introducing me to this ! ) I could have worn Poivre as a signature scent for many years. Now I am too much of a perfume whore to do that. Nothing beats that blast of pepper and then the carnation , clove with vanilla and amber. A very unique and memorable scent. Longevity is nuclear.

    5.Black Gardenia by Michele Bergman. Just whack me on my head because I don't know why I love this.Maybe a throw back to my Sousxie and The Banshees days -black tights and black eye make up . It's addictive ...again....( good thing I don't do drugs ,huh ! ) ...sweeeeeet stuff, gardenia goth magic. Yum !

    Honorable Mention. Caprifoglio by Santa Maria Novella. THE best honeysuckle soliflore ever. Me wants but me wants too much .

    Suga- glad you love Acaciosa ( still can't spell it right ) absolute pleasure !
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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lyndy Hop View Post
    Chanel No. 19 (my all-time favorite), because its green (big fan of the GREEN), floral, mossy, talc-y-ness makes me swoon. Prefer EDT to EDP because the latter turns a bit too sweet on me.
    That is what I love about it, that it turns so sweet. I live for the EdP!

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    Quote Originally Posted by Asha View Post
    Lately, I have been reaching for these:

    Dior Homme
    Chanel No.19 in various concentrations and vintages
    Chanel Eau de Cologne
    Guerlain Cologne du Parfumer (new release, from a decant)
    Sorry, I was in a hurry and did not post my reasons. I've really been craving leathery iris fragrances, lots of greens, and bright citruses lately, and I think that is the reason for my current wearing trend.

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    Sabi ~ As Hillaire and C Rose mentioned, it’s a stunner floral. Best applied toward sunset. It smells like one of those paintings of a huge bouquet of blossoms that really never could have been composed because all the varieties of flowers in it don’t bloom at the same time.

    Mitsouko ~ Also on C Rose, MaatMama, and (big surprise) Tesla’s lists. It really took a long time for me to pick up on Mitsouko’s elements, but I get it now, even the modern one, which I can appreciate for the peach note in addition to the rich chypre-ness.

    Only three more, huh? Okay. This week I’ll answer …

    Guerlain With Love ~ Simply a lovely, balanced, not-too-big personality of a rose/peony/ white amber scent.

    Bigarade Concentree ~ Unemotional. That’s what I like about BC. Smells naturally astringent. Doesn’t annoy in the heat. Still has lasting power despite its ability to refresh. Not too high-pitched like some citrus-influenced fragrances.

    Now, don’t hold me to this one. It’s a whim that’ll burn out soon, I know …

    Bath and Body Works Sensual Black Currant Vanilla ~ It’s sweet and simple, and I can feel my I.Q. drop every time I open the rollerball bottle. My daughter even said it smells like every cheap perfume she smelled coming out of lockers in high school. But it’s nummy for when one wants something like that.

    Everybodies’ comments have me thinking about new things to try, too.
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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    My top five right now:

    No 5 Eau Premiere, b/c it's so easy and friendly and smells great. More amiable than the high octane No 5 and just as beautiful.

    No 19, b/c when I want a green mixed with iris and roses and a hint of leather, nothing else will do (except maybe Heure Exquise, but my decant of it is about finished)

    Apres l'Ondee b/c it's such a relaxing fragrance to me. It's gentle as a baby's smile. It's like a refreshing breeze on a sultry day. Love it.

    Annick Goutal Le Chevrefeuille b/c when I want a friendly floral w/o any edgy underpinnings, this fills the bill. It's fun and pretty w/o being insipid or vacuous.

    Miller Harris Noix de Tubereuse b/c it's L'Origan for the 21st century. Old fashioned enough to capture my imagination, yet modern enough to smell fashionable and timely.

    I have other favorites, but these are the ones I've worn most consistently since the beginning of the year.

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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    I'm loving this thread!

    I'll branch out and list some that I'm currently intrigued by, because my 22tabacblondalien thing isn't going to go away any time soon but is getting repetitive, even to me.

    Fracas I've sort of rediscovered this one. I was thisclose to selling it or giving it away, because for 10 months, it didn't fit anything. It wasn't the wet, heady summer scent I wanted it for when I bought it; it disappeared in an hour. Its big, juicy whiteness just didn't feel right beside my beloved gourmands and orientals in the winter, either, even though it blooms under a sweater. But in the cool, wet, Oregon May, it is gorgeously lush and sensuous.

    Kelly Caleche I'm loving getting acquainted with this classy, assertive flowery leather and Primrose has successfully convinced me I may need this one for summer. It would be Tabac Blond's prettier, preppier sister.

    My Sin (vintage) Luxuriously rich, creamy, and gorgeous, and chock-full of illegal goodness, no doubt. It's like a sable, I know I shouldn't because it's so wrong and goes against much of what I believe in but it's so gorgeous I can't help it. It is a good thing I can't afford most of what's out there right now. My Sin, indeed.

    Alright, that's only three.... Tesla can have the other two.
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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    Actually, it is 6 with your "22-tabacblond-alien"-thingie! :-)
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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    Quote Originally Posted by Therese View Post
    In the past I never thought of myself as a seasonal fragrance lover. But I have been finding that my go-tos change in the warm weather.
    Lovely Patchouli. Unlike amber, I enjoy patchouli in the heat. Late sixties experiences, I guess. I also love AL's Sweet Patchouli in the summer.
    I don't think I can narrow it down to five just yet, but it will be fun trying.
    My experience is much like Therese's : this season, at least, I find my taste changing as the weather shifts--and in particular I'm liking patchouli blends, along with greener and more floral fragrances. Haven't gone near my Samsara, can't wear rose, forget vanilla (well--I always proceed with caution when it comes to vanilla) and I am almost nauseated by ambers (winter favorites).

    These are the five I've worn most in the last few weeks:

    Ormonde Woman (need I say more?- Perfection)
    Eau de Noho (vegetal floral--like the smell of nature in Virginia in May))
    Field Notes from Paris (patchouli, a bit brisk and masculine)
    George sand (more patchouli; lush, classic)
    Le Parfum d'Ete (Kenzo, original formula in thick frosty bottle; perfect light floral; not cloying; does not smell like cleaning products)
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    Default Re: Current Top Five Faves and Why?

    Quote Originally Posted by Twolf View Post
    Actually, it is 6 with your "22-tabacblond-alien"-thingie! :-)
    Caught! Yep, you're right, but who wants to hear about that again!
    The way out is a way in-- NEP

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