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    Default "vintage" roger and gallet JMF EV?

    I tried to search the forum but got nothing...

    Do you guys know if Roget and Gallet Jean Marie Farina Extra Vielle (etc, etc...) has been semi-recently reformulated? I ask because I really like the sample I got from TPC, but their website refers to it as a Vintage EDC, and they are only offering up to 5 mL in spite of how cheap the prices are.

    I just wouldn't want to buy a bottle online and face disappointment, since I don't think it comes in anything smaller than 100 mL.

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    Default Re: "vintage" roger and gallet JMF EV?

    Reformulated or not, I don't think the 100 ml is very expensive either. However, one thing is for sure and that is R&G went through a big change a couple of years ago. Many titles were dropped and everything was repackaged. I even think they use plastic bottles with plain plastic caps now.
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    Default Re: "vintage" roger and gallet JMF EV?

    I bought mine not too long ago from BigDiscountFragrances. It came in a gift set with bar soap. I think the price was in the $35.50 for the 100ml bottle. And, it is a bottle. I couldn't tell you whether it's been reformulated or not, but if you receive what I received, then I think you'll be pleased. I try not to get too balled up about which formulation I'm buying, although I understand that it's important to some buyers. What's most important is that I enjoy what I get!

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