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    Default Liz Taylor's, Passions for Men

    I bought this at Ross yesterday for less than $15.00. It smells of very high quality and is really nice. Kinda remeinds me of a woodier version of Opium, PH. Passions can easily stand against any of the niche scents in my collection. I am just shocked its so cheap.

    Anyone else agree/disagree?

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    Default Re: Liz Taylor's, Passions for Men

    this was a great scent at one time - almost addictive. They use to make a concentrate version back in the early 90's that was rich and long lasting - the version now by Elizabeth Arden Fragrances is a sad watered down that is shame to be sold.

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    Default Re: Liz Taylor's, Passions for Men

    Still a very very nice frag , even watered down to EDC its still very strong in all departments .

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