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    Default Article: Jo Malone announce English Pear & Freesia

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    I actually do love pear in a perfume so looking forward to this one.

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    Now this does sound interesting. Not big on fruity as the norm but pear is interesting.

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    I am the same - I generally prefer earthy animalics to fruity florals, though this pear note is addictively interesting to me. It may be my English heritage but this IS the smell of autumn to my mind (though am wearing it today on a very muggy, early summer afternoon and it works very well now too)!

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    The idea that an Estee Lauder company is inspired "by poems" is somewhat bizarre, and practically absurd.

    What this pear fragrance is "inspired" by, is Annick Goutal's "Petite Cherie". Except for about 2 of the fragrances by ELC's JoMalone, there are no good "gourmand" fragrances.

    This pear fragrance hinges itself onto market demand for fruity, edible fragrances, while at the same time riding surely on the back of Petite Cherie's success.

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    Default Re: Article: Jo Malone announce English Pear & Freesia

    My last big pear note was found in an oddity called Lily Chic by Escada. It was presented in the loudest electric green bottle as a limited edition. I will have to sniff this Jo Malone release. Thank you for the news.
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    I smelled it at Holt's this am - the SA had a tiny sample that she wasn't supposed to share... so nice!

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