I know this is more a fragrance true fan or Conosseur oriented blog but, since you are the ones

that know where everything is perhaps you can help me.

I am looking for Chanel wholesalers, also, Carolina Herrera, Armani and DKNY and others..

yes.. I know a lot fo you dislike the comercial circus the industry has become, but.... it is what I need.

I am an independent retailer in Mexico, I buy most my merchandise from wholesalers in LA

and sometimes other places, but, it is impossible for them to carry all the brands and perfumes at once... some times they only have tester or dont sell the brand at all.

My business is not yet capable of buying directly from manufacturer So we deal where ever we can.

so if you sell I want to buy from you... if you know where I can buy please help me... and

I promise if you ever come down here... I 'll make sure you have the time of your life =D

Well there it is.. thank you for your time