So, I acquired samples of both these fine frags, and I've been wearing them around to get a sense (pun intended) of them.

I was surprised how similar they are on the dry down. They have a similar feminine softness, even though the top notes are quite different. They really are sister fragrances, and I can't imagine owning both of them.

The Mugler is beautiful, but after wearing it for hours I started to get a little sick from it. As soft and inoffensive as it is, it started to get sickly in its softness. I love the smell, but its hard to wear for too long. Gendarme doesn't have this sickly quality.

Mugler also has a feminine floral that reminds me of an older woman, which doesn't really suit me.

Overall, both of these fragrances are very nice, and I love smelling them both. But I think I want to smell them on my girlfriend rather than on myself. As nice as they are, I'm not sure I want to smell like that. It doesn't quite fit my identity.

Nonetheless, high marks on both.