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    Default Resource Archive for Self-Education ABOUT Fragrance


    OK, so the idea here is simple, in this thread anyone can post resources for the purposes of self-education. This isn’t really a FAQ; it’s intended more as a list of places where you can find links to information about commonly referred to topics, terms, reviews, etc. for your own browsing and learning purposes.

    Some guidelines:
    - THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION THREAD, either post a resource or lurk+read, but let's try to keep this as "clean" and easy to navigate as possible. For example, instead of quoting someone's post just to add another link, you could just PM them to update their post. Minimize the number of posts wherever possible.
    - Don't post the actual material, just links to those resources.
    - Links may include Basenote's own pages if it's a particularly good discussion about a certain topic

    - Please try to give a one-liner description after the link so as to indicate where the link goes and what it's about.

    Example Topics/Resources: - Top 100 perfume questions from Michael Edwards New! - Basic FAQ off Basenote's own site New!

    History of Perfume: - history of fragrance by decade and more - Perfume Fashion History

    Fragrance Families:! - Fragrance Classification
    . . - the basic Michael Edwards Taxonomy with prototypical example - various families and major notes, breakdown - basic description of various groups - basic description of various groups - basic description of various groups - compositions of various families Families.pdf
    . . - Various MALE fragrances sorted by family
    . . - Various FEMALE fragrances sorted by family - the "body odor" wheel - smell families according to Edmond Roudnitska - some of the more "nasty" notes/ingredients in fragrance

    How to go about selecting/smelling, and wearing a fragrance New! - the 'art' of the blind buy New! - building a well-rounded collection, how to find new frags you'll like New! - using the Basenotes directory to find other frags you might like New! - smelling techniques - from GQ, for what it's worth - find your signature scent - find your signature scent - a little strange, and reviews say it's inaccurate, but how to choose based on astrological sign. - where/how to apply New!

    Glossaries and Directories:

    Glossaries of Terms: - Forum terms and abbreviations - Slang terminology - Perfume Intelligence, comprehensive illustrated encyclopedia. See left side menu tab New!

    Glossaries of Perfumers/Noses - Perfume Intelligence, comprehensive illustrated encyclopedia. See left side menu tab

    Forums and Reviewers:

    Other Forums:
    Don't forget Amazon... search for reviews under Health & Personal Care -> Personal Care new!

    Blogs / Reviews: - The Definitive Blogs/Review sites thread new!

    YouTube Reviewers: - The Definitive YouTube Reviewers thread new!

    Good books to read:

    The “Technical” side:

    Fragrance Chemistry: - Online fragrance chemistry presentation (9 y.o., just a seminar, but still good)

    The making of Perfume - The making of perfume
    . . - part 2
    . . - part 3

    Where to Buy Basic Essential Oils, Aroma-Chemicals, etc:New! – bit difficult to navigate, but many supplies, cheap (note shipping though), mostly Synthetics - component seller and encyclopedia of descriptions too. - lots of Naturals
    Related - – new molecules and how they’re being used (not all fragrance) - effects of various oils - what various synthetics smell like

    How does smell work?new! - Visual Presentation of Axel & Buck 2004 Nobel Prize Work on Olfaction - Luca Turin TED Talk - Luca Turin's theory of olfaction (non-technical) - Luca Turin's theory of olfaction (technical, 1996)

    On Reformulation Restrictions: versus (NEW!)

    Inside the Industry:

    Industry Websites - industry website - industry website!

    where is the industry going/trends? - what's the next big thing? - Fads? - Where are we going? by Edmond Roudnitska (1969!) - Where do new ideas come from?

    Perfumery and marketing - by Edmond Roudnitska (1970)

    Online/in Person Courses: New! - in person workshops - courses/lectures in NYC available - NYC Chandler Burr Scent Dinners new!
    . .' - a “taste” of what it’s like - Learning to make perfume - Learning to make perfume

    Places to buy samples and decants

    Other General Sites: - Michael Edwards site, everything about everything - everything else about everything else... - Comprehensive illustrated encyclopedia of fragrance. - Lucan Turin's old blog - Chandler Burr’s articles, variety - Age based on product # - notes on pyramids of various frags
    . . Dictionary to translate - - trends and news about the mainstream perfume industry and some things about niche outfits, too. - brief descriptions of MANY fragrances. - Perfume Intelligence, comprehensive illustrated encyclopedia. See left side menu tab, extremely comprehensive. - some basic tips/FAQ'a about fragrance - Well-being and health as related to fragrance - Other uses for fragrance/essential oils - Various Chandler Burr interviewsnew! - Overview of fragrances for beginners

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    Default Re: Resource Archive for Self-Education ABOUT Fragrance

    Thanks for this invaluable thread D. It's brilliant!
    Petty small minded people have no place in my life.
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    Default Re: Resource Archive for Self-Education ABOUT Fragrance

    Thank you very much, nice resources.

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    Default Pronunciation helps

    Here are a few links with pronunciation helps for common Perfume Houses as well as helps for more generic French perfume terms.

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    Default Re: Resource Archive for Self-Education ABOUT Fragrance

    Thanks Dani! I'm working on a major overhaul of this sticky... in the next couple of months, just need to find a few days...

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    Default Re: Resource Archive for Self-Education ABOUT Fragrance

    Wow! Another wonderful compilation of useful info! Bravo.
    Remember that while it is perfectly acceptable to criticize the content of a post - criticizing the poster is not.
    Mean spirited, nasty, snide, sarcastic, hateful, and rude individuals on Basenotes don't warrant or deserve my or other Basenoters' acknowledgement or respect.

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    Default Re: Resource Archive for Self-Education ABOUT Fragrance

    Thanks for listing these resources out! I'm slowly going through many of these and came across some more of my own:

    Stuff You Should Know: How Perfume Works (Podcast) Released 2.19.15

    Why do women wear perfume and men wear cologne? Released 2.2.15
    Really good explanation of the historical/cultural and scientific backstory behind "perfume" and "cologne".

    BBC Perfume documentary Part1 "Something old, something new"

    BBC Perfume documentary Part 2 "Bottling the memory"

    BBC Perfume documentary Part 3 "The smell of future"
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