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    Default New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    Hey guys, I am starting to get into the youtube fragrance review thing just out of random boredom I guess lol. I got a little following, but I wanted to come here and ask the real fragrance experts. You guys seem a critical bunch, just wanted to pick your brains for some ideas. What do you guys feel makes a good fragrance reviewer? Any ideas, or input would be appreciated. Right now I believe I totally suck at doing the reviews, but I try to keep them lighthearted and funny, while at the same time poking fun at other reviewers like spoofs lol.

    best regards,

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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    A lot will depend upon your "target audience." If I were to watch your videos on a regular basis, I would want to know about your preferences, so that I could "get a sense of where you're coming from." Then I'd want to know about what notes you detect and how strong they are. Then there is the development over time, if any. You could compare the frag in question with others that you think are similar. Also, do you think it smells "natural" or "synthetic?" How many sprays do you need? How many times have you worn it, and were your perceptions different each time? What were the reactions of others? How long did it last? How often would you wear it? Would you only wear it during certain times of the year or for certain occasions? Do you think it has "unisex potential?" Do you think the price is reasonable? Is it being worn by a lot of people? Are there any issues with the bottle or sprayer? Are there a lot of fakes of it on the market?

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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    There's a whole list of guys out there doing reviews. You could either follow the same formula and improve on it, or go completely the other way.
    for example, guys like Tim are somewhat enthusiastic, maybe not the most intimately familiar, but overall fairly approachable to the average dude.
    Then there's someone like Katie Pukrik who's more focused on giving a short snappy review.

    I'd actually suggest leaning more towards the latter, ie find your own unique angle on it instead of doing the same routine everyone else is.
    For example you could do a whole back to back comparisons of various frags like a showdown. It could be Vetiver 1 versus Vetiver 2.
    Or you could do a comparison of cheap versus expensive versions of the same thing and see which is better.
    Or real life testing so videos in a mall, at school, etc asking people which they like better and seeing their reactions.
    Maybe you could specialize in doing a scent review and comparing the various year/formulation/versions of the same one.

    Just some ideas....
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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    YouTube is a highly visual medium. My advice is: Be watchable. Work on that charisma and mind your body language. If you wanna spoof others, be witty about it, and balance it out with quality reviews. Discuss overall impressions, feel, texture, sillage, longevity and wearability. Zero in on notes/accords that in your opinion make or break the fragrance. Suggest occasions/clothes that go with it. But keep the whole thing under 5 minutes. Anyway, I'm sure you'll find your own style.
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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    Video Suggestions:

    Get straight to the point. I beg of you. I really get annoyed when I have to scrub through 2 minutes of shoutouts to other Youtubers before the fragrance is reviewed. You're Youtube friends with StinkyJoe96? Good for you. Good for StinkyJoe. Give your homies props after the review.

    And if you're doing an unboxing you don't need to film your walk to the mailbox. We also don't to see you go to the kitchen to find a knife to cut open the box.

    Oh, and make your bed if it's in the background. Please. Otherwise you lose serious credibility.

    Finally, if you're playing music in the background make sure it isn't louder than your vocal volume. Nobody needs to hear AvengedSevenfold blasting while you're reviewing RiveGauche. We already know you're cool.
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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    Excellent points, you guys covered a lot. Thanks guys, appreciate it. Yeah I tried to be completely different, and act silly and try and make it lighthearted or comical. I know who Tim is haha. I did a review trying to joke around with him and try and imitate his reviews lol I guess I am taken more of an average joe/clown/doofball approach, while still trying to incorporate some of the things you guys have listed. At first I was going to send a link to my page, maybe to get some feedback, but I didnt want to come off like I was merely promoting myself. I genuinely wanted to hear you guys opinion and feedback. Thanks again,


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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    Just start making a few vids. You'll catch your stride eventually.

    CutlassSupremeSL does great reviews that I find very useful. You might want to check his vids out.

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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    I have. I also did a mini spoof of him as well and wore underpants over my head tied up to look like a durag lol. yeah I like his reviews as well. I chat with him on blogtv sometimes. I want to get the main things done right, but I do not want to mimic everyone else too much ya know?

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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    CutlassSupremeSL is the best reviewer if you ask me.
    I find his videos most useful....he is very objective

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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    more Creed reviews!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    So far I only did the creed MI .

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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    What about a 'Yahtzee Zero Punctuation' style review? If you have no idea what I'm talking about I'd suggest googling it
    Looking for: Andy Tauer - L'air du Desert Morocain & Incense Extreme

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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    Everything adonis said x1000. I dared to complain about YouTubers' lack of brevity in another thread and got lambasted for it (mostly from Tim and Mark fans, natch.)

    One reviewer I'm liking lately is Teresa. Good on-camera demeanor, likeable, solid fragrance knowledge and varied taste. I'm starting to think that women make better fragrance critics overall than men, since they're less likely to be constrained by masculine/feminine classifications and seem more eager to seek out niche and vintage stuff, plus they historically have more experience as consumers in the beauty/fragrance/cosmetics market. (Of course there are exceptions, but few on YouTube, at least.)
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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    Quote Originally Posted by DavidBond007 View Post
    more Creed reviews!!!!!!!
    But the review would only last 3 seconds...and then the scent is gone! haha
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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    Yo kereseen u havent figured out who i am??? LOL. its guinea.

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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    I agree with you guys about duration of the videos. I felt like that when I got into it and was making like 3 minute videos. I hated watching 10 or more minutes on a cologne, unless it was something funny/interesting. but watching everyone else ramble on i figured thats something I should do lol.

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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    Quote Originally Posted by PaladinX View Post
    Yo kereseen u havent figured out who i am??? LOL. its guinea.
    What up, good lookin!

    Like you, Im trying to get my videos to around 5min....but i keep adding weird stuff that adds to the length. Dont care. I guess those that dig it will watch it and those that dont, wont.

    The most important thing in a review is just to be honest with what the reviewer is smelling and give the best idea of what it's like to a person who's never smelled it before. That's what I aim for.
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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    I think a video review should be brief (3 minutes is a rough number), descriptive of how the fragrance develops, how it projects, how long it lasts, whether it is recommended and where it can be obtained. And price/size info.

    Also, it should be rehearsed. Not a bunch of pauses and the like.

    I really don't care if you (or anyone) likes the bottle or the box or the color.

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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    Agree with keeping it brief. 5 minutes or so. Good tip to have it pretty planned out in advance. While you don't necessarily need to adhere tightly to a formally drafted script, write out a tight outline and keep it nearby so you can quickly reference it and stay on point. If you're keeping them short, a rehearsal would help a lot. You'll notice where you stumble or struggle and be able to address it.

    Many YouTube reviewers have good things to say, but it gets harder to watch if they start mentally wandering and trying to remember points they want to make. When you put yourself "on camera" the normal pauses and mental lapses that are a part of normal human conversation become exaggerated and uncomfortable to watch. You're putting yourself in an environment ("TV" basically) where you're being judged up against professionals who are either inordinately glib or tightly scripted on teleprompter.

    Ultimately, this is just something you want to do. You can whatever you want really, but if it comes off disorganized or gets lengthy, lots of people just click away.
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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    Liven it up a little...lengthy kung fu battles would be great. CGI visuals of the images and environments your scents bring to mind would really help me get a sense of where you're coming from. Just make sure they're in 3D, or you might loose credibility. Finally, talk like an auctioneer, and if you can, I suggest having a live tiger in the background. Michael Bay could direct.

    I would totally watch this review.

    (jk of course; I'm just being a brat, sorry. )

    In all honesty I like Master-Classter's suggestion of reviewing several scents within a category. You could make an informational video on, say, leather, and give short descriptions of several leather scents that represent the different ways the style can be interpreted.
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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    I'd say also stay away from worrying about issues like "how to tell if your Issey isn't a fake." Don't get into pseudo-knowledge and start to prater on about serial numbers and whether they should match or what corner of the bottom flap of the box they're on. When reviewers do this it's usually to make them look authoritative, like they're really giving you the hip lowdown to make sure the fragrance is the real stuff, but it's fake knowledge really, since for most and almost all houses you've got to be in the house's business for the numbers to mean anything. And further, even if you were in the house's business in almost all cases you'd know the numbers meant nothing. Some houses do numbers one way some others do numbers a different way. It doesn't affect the smell and if you blab about it looking to give consumer advice you're really just going to get newbie viewers all worried and put up newbie threads about their gripping serial number fears.
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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    Whatever you do, please make sure you PRONOUNCE the names correctly. IMHO there is no worse turn off than that. Do your research on the name before you review it. Personally, I turn reviews off if this happens.
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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    LOL> great feedback, As I am reading the suggestions, i realize what a crappy reviewer I really am LOL. I do not plan, and my videos are longer than they are. I agree with you guys, I feel like short, concise videos are probably better, But i never really went into it too seriously. I went in there to be something a lil different. But i will take the suggestions.

    Basenotes is a tough crowd, So I am sure I will get a lot of constructive criticism. lol. If anyone is interested in checking out my page, since I see others posting their youtube links. If anything at least check out the robes impersonation video lol. Thanks guys,


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    Default Re: New fragrance reviewer looking for ideas.

    Quote Originally Posted by Renaissance_Man View Post
    Whatever you do, please make sure you PRONOUNCE the names correctly. IMHO there is no worse turn off than that.
    Definitely agree.

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