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    Default Fujiyama gentleman?

    Saw this @ Marshall's today for $9.99. Is it any good? Anybody try it?
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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    Well, what can I say? It's a watery clone of L'eau d'Issey pour Homme but you won't find any depth, quality, and charisma. It slightly reminds me of L'eau d'Issey pour Homme, not that it bears a clear resemblance of the hot seller. For $9.99, try to get the Caesars Man and you will smell fresh like out of a shower for at least 4 hours.
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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    I saw this too at TJ Maxx. I know the original Fuijyama is clone of Issey but this one is a flanker called Gentleman the box is in reddish mauve and black suggesting a oriental type scent inside.

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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    One of many that are probably no better than the dollar store stuff, but if they are better, it's not by much. However, for the "untrained nose," it may not matter. If I were in that position, though (knowing what I do now), I'd just go for dollar store frags.

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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    Gentleman smells like a cross between Casual Friday and Lolita Lempicka au Masculin - Anise, vanilla, cinnamon, and soft, sweet woods.

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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    Tried it today. I would actually describe it as a cross between Le Male and Tim McGraw: a HUGE overload of vanilla, very very sweet. Smells like the extra cream on a big fat cake.

    I would classify it as a semi-gourmand, if not a full fledged gourmand.
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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    How was the lasting power on it? The original Fuijyama does not last long

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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    Initial impression is not very long lasting. Close to the skin after about an hour, but can still smell it.

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    I saw that the other day at TJ Maxx and wondered what it was like. Good thing I passed on it.

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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    I recently got this one: it reminds me of Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge and Body Kouros, though not as strong. It lasts okay- it's actually pretty good for the price.

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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    I like the Original and the Black version a lot. But Gentlemen reminds me too much of the numerous cheapish musky scents that are around. On the other hand, down here it is cheaper than most of those scents, so it's not bad value if you want a scent like that.

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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    It seems I have been waiting months for some internet source to post a pyramid or at least a list of notes for this fragrance, but it's apparently not coming. Thus, I will give my best guess for the curious shopper -

    Lavender, Violet, Mint, Orange Blossom, Anise, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Cedar, Amber, MUSK

    Definitely of the Le Male violet/licorice oriental fougere (here meaning 'false gourmand') family, but probably the poorest in terms of quality of ingredients.
    Still okay for the price, but the sheer 'fakeness' of it becomes wearisome.
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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    Fujiyam Homme Black is better IMO.

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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    I just saw an open box of this in Marshall's today. I thought what the heck, it's open and only $9.99 so I might as well give it a sniff. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I'm a big fan of Le Male, and on first impression, it kinda has that type of powdery oriental vibe to me. It seems kind of reminiscent of Le Male with maybe some cinnamon or spices thrown in. Anyway, for $10, I was impressed enough to go ahead and buy it. I'm looking for a few more winter scents and I'm looking forward to seeing how this one actually does on a full wearing.

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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    To me this came off as a harsh version of Joop Homme. It is overly sweet and very strong. I could see a young person pulling this off. For $10 at Marshalls this is a decent buy. The projection, longevity and sillage is a monster. This lasts all day long, 10+ hours. I have never worn this out of the house though, this is just too harsh and unrefined a scent for me too wear.

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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    Has anyone tried Fujiyama "private number"? I tried Fujiyama gentleman and enjoyed it, my wife loves it! Out of all my frags, this is only one of four she has mentioned she loves. The others just "smell nice". I'd love to know what private number smells like, or at least the notes? I can't find and info on the scent at all online. Can someone help me?

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    Has anyone tried Fujiyama "private number"? I tried Fujiyama gentleman and enjoyed it, my wife loves it! Out of all my frags, this is only one of four she has mentioned she loves. The others just "smell nice". I'd love to know what private number smells like, or at least the notes? I can't find and info on the scent at all online. Can someone help me?
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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    Imo Fuji gentleman is a cross between le male and 212 sexy..... Decent longevity poor projection. Not for me

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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    IMO, the majority of scents you can buy at Marshalls-ross-tjMaxx for a great deal end up being the ones that fill up the back row of my shelf. I rarely use them, and I'm never as excited about them as the day I got it. If I could go back in time, I'd never have bought ANYTHING from the discounter stores and instead bought myself one or two bottles of something I cannot take my mind (and nose) off of!

    That said...

    I had bought Fujiyama and found it remarkably....unremarkable.

    It was the same average ingredients blended in the same (cheap) average way. Really nothing special. I returned the bottle the next day. I would not even use this to freshen the bathroom. Really.

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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    Go online and buy Jacomo Rouge for $14.00.
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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    I also saw it for $10. I was going to purchase it, good thing my friend distracted me...

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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    I picked this up on a whim while at TJ MAXX today. I find it a rather pleasant frag, certainly it is sweet in a Joop! kind of way and also powdery. It is spicier than Joop! I sense some ginger along with the anise and cinnamon and perhaps a bit of white musk. For a first try I believe I prefer it to the overly powdery Joop! And For $15 the attractive bottle came with what appears to be a nice 3.3 oz high quality mineral oil free aftershave balm and a 3.3 oz perfumed shower gel. If anything I'll enjoy it as an after shower spray

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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    Blind purchased this prior to Christmas... Not a bad frag - musk, spice, and woods notes. The downside is that projection and sillage are weak and longevity is below average - hardly detectable following two hours after the initial application.

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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    Not a bad scent at all, especially for the price.
    As many have said, it's in the gourmand category.
    If I had to describe it, it's like a synthetic cross
    between Rochas Man and La Nuit, but not as good
    as either of those two on it's own.

    Longevity is very good, 6+ hours for me, and projection
    is beast mode, at least for the first couple of hours.

    EDIT--wouldn't pay more than the $9.99 I did for it at TJ Maxx though.
    If you can get it for $10 or less, and you're a gourmand fan, go for it.

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    Default Re: Fujiyama gentleman?

    Not bad, I kinda dig it

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