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    Default "Tra La" Eau de Cologne by Colonial Dames in California

    I have an almost empty bottle of Tra La - my favorite scent when I was a teen and early 20's. It was introduced by Colonial Dames in 1946, discontinued in the 80's. It was an inexpensive sweet teeny-bopper scent. Even though I have migrated to more sophisticated scents like Bois 1920 "Sutra Ylang", Parfums 06130 "Lierre Rose". or Keiko Mecheri "Loukhoum", I sometimes open my old bottle (which still smells the same after 38 years!) and long for that old splash of my early years. I would like to find a similar scent. I have contacted Colonial Dames and was told that the product was discontinued when a particular ingredient that they used was no longer available. They told me to try White Shoulders, that it might be similar. I emailed again to ask what the notes were of the cologne but they didn't return my email.

    Does anybody remember "Tra La". Any old boxes laying around that would list notes? Any suggestions where I might go to get information?

    Thanks very much.
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