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    Default What's your "Foursome"?

    I've been watching a lot of video reviewers on Youtube lately. If any you follow Brandon (CutlassSupremeSL) he had an excellent idea that he and many of his fellow reviewers did videos for called their "Starting Lineup". The idea was to pick a fragrance that would be your starting five (like a basketball team) and a sixth man. And each fragrance had to fill a certain role.

    WELL, I started thinking about what mine would be, and realized that I couldn't build that diverse of a "team". And I don't need to. I live a fairly boring life (but a really great one). I am a married man, and my wife couldn't really care less about fragrances. So I don't NEED a "Combat" scent. I also don't attend anything that is more formal than church, so I don't really NEED a "formal" (sixth man) scent.

    SO, I decided to take Brandon's great idea and give it a little twist. Being the golfer that I am, I started thinking about what makes a good Four-Man Captain's Choice (Scramble) team. The teams I've been on that have been successful have all had players that were of similar ablitilies. My theory on that is that no one is looking at another player as THE MAN, and they truly play like a team. This could be an analogy for my for my wardrobe, which is full of great scents that serve a similar purpose (work, everyday, casual, etc). So, instead of a "basketball team" of fragrances I was thinking what about a "4-Man Scramble Team" of fragrances?

    What roles would you have on a good 4-Man Scramble team? Here goes:

    1) Your Long Driver. The person that can hit that 300 yard plus drive to get you that much closer to the green. In a fragrance this could be your sillage/projection monster OR your frag with the greatest longevity.

    2) Your short game expert. This is the great putter, or the one that can get you up and down for that par, or maybe chip/pitch one in for a birdie. In a fragrance this could maybe be Brandon's "Combat" scent OR a scent that you just want to wear close to the skin for whatever reason.

    3) Your pressure player. This is the person that usually goes last on the teams I'm on. The player that is even better when the pressure is on. The one you can count on to hit a good shot when the other players have hit one out of play. In a fragrance this could be your signature scent if you have one OR the fragrance you would wear when you just need to feel confident.

    4) Your recovery expert. This is the person that when you've all hit bad shots, and you've got to pull off some miraculous next shot (out of the trees, difficult long bunker shot, etc.) can do it pretty consistently. To make it different in a fragrance from your "confidence" scent lets say this is the one you go to when you've been working out and can't get that shower in, or you're having a bad day, or are just not feeling you look your best or on top of your game. This is the fragrance you go to when that quick spritz will maybe cover the "stench" OR lift you up when you are down.

    So for me (there are many I could go with, but this is what I decided on):
    1) Long Driver: L'eau D'Issey (for longevity more than sillage)
    2) Short Game Expert: Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche
    3) Pressure Player: Bvlgari Aqva
    4) Recovery Expert: L'eau par Kenzo

    What would your Scramble Foursome be?
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    Default Re: What's your "Foursome"?

    Haven't watch this review that Bradon made yet but your game seems fun so im gonna play it!

    Im gonna try to stick to your 4 man team as much as possible.

    1)Long Driver: Musc Ravageur, It project, it last and it didn't get overpower in crowded places like family or friends reunion where there's perfume, food and a lot of different smells.

    2) Short Game expert: Gucci Pour Homme II, you can wear it anywhere its not gonna bother or offense people at work or places like this, its stay close to the skin, smell great, very versatile, hard to over-apply, one of the best safe and versatile scent around.

    3)Pressure Player: Musc Ravageur Again and Green Irish Tweed, One for colder weather and the other for warmer one. But Basically any fragrances im gonna name here qualifies for this.

    4) Recovery Expert: For me its gonna be a mix of a comfort scent and one who lift you up or make you feel lighter. Gucci pour Homme II is the comfort one and Kenzo Power is the bright one who put a sunshine in the sky.

    My Caddy: (The scent who didn't classified for this 4 roles but who deserve a mention) Dirty english, nothing sweet or unisex about this one, for when you need something masculin, manly but still modern and young.

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    Default Re: What's your "Foursome"?

    Long Driver: Yatagan

    Short Game: Pour un Homme de Caron

    Pressure Player: Allure Homme

    Recovery: Original Vetiver

    Caddy (for kicks): Grey Flannel + Coco by Chanel

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    Default Re: What's your "Foursome"?

    long driver: A men or Bois du Portugal

    short game: virgin island water

    pressure player: royal english leather

    recovery: vintage tab

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    Default Re: What's your "Foursome"?


    Long driver: Either Obsession or Le Male, Obsession when I feel a slightly mysterious subtlety is in order, Le Male when it's not. Both project for miles and last for damned ever.

    Short game: Hmm, tough. Probably Tommy Girl or Azzaro pour Homme, Kouros when I'm feeling ballsy.

    Pressure player: A tie between Kouros and Obsession.

    Recovery: Chanel Coco.

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    Default Re: What's your "Foursome"?

    Long Driver: Vintage Poison EDT. I'm kind of scared of it after last time...but love it.
    Short Game: Diorella. I wear it when I want to smell it myself, the sillage is so that you have to be hugging me to smell it, but it still lasts forever.
    Pressure Player: Mitsouko. Enough said.
    Recovery: Feminite du Bois. I love it so, so much. Makes everything better.
    If fragrance has a gender, so does all art.

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    Default Re: What's your "Foursome"?

    I've already made a similar thread based on the same video!

    Your Star Line-up

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