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    Default CB I Hate Perfume article in Wall St Journal

    His perfume company has an unlikely name—CB: I Hate Perfume—but its target consumer is precisely the type who wouldn't be drawn to fancy fragrances with celebrity names. Mr. Brosius's first breakthrough was a scent called "Dirt." It combined his memories of digging vegetables, herbs and flowers on his family's Pennsylvania farm. Another early innovation was called "Snow," which went on to win many awards. "In this country, a lot of people wear perfume for everyone else," said Mr. Brosius, 47 years old. "People wear my perfume for themselves first. Everyone else comes second."

    Read the full article here

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    Default Re: CB I Hate Perfume article in Wall St Journal

    thank you for posting

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    Default Re: CB I Hate Perfume article in Wall St Journal

    He does wonderful, imaginative work. I only wish he would also offer alcohol based fragrances in addition to his line of water and absolutes.
    Rare, vintage, and niche off-site sales.
    Big list of niche splits.
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    Default Re: CB I Hate Perfume article in Wall St Journal

    Thank you, Mike, for sharing.
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