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    Default Where to train my nose? Where to smell individual ingredients?

    I would love to be able to say, "i really smell the ____ in this fragrance around it's heart notes", but I can't. I don't know what ylang-ylang smells like on its own, nor geranium, ect...

    Are there any places in particular (stores, ect..) where I could train my nose for free? I could go to the gardening store and smell some of their flowers, but then seasonal factors (availability), oils vs actual source smell, ect.. could cause issues.

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    Default Re: Where to train my nose? Where to smell individual ingredients?

    Quote Originally Posted by wooznib View Post
    Perfumers Apprentice sells a few kits, I believe this is what you are looking for. They are very reliable and very fast shipping. You could start in your kitchen by going to the spice rack and learning the different spices.
    Yes, we've done this here with the "Note Identification Project", which was a wonderful experience using those kits. Also, it helps to get samples of naturals from Eden Botanicals. They're just small vials, reasonably priced. The whole setup will end up costing you as much as one or two pricey niche frags, but I think it's really worth it.

    The trick is to sniff frags while you're sniffing components and start decoding. You can also sniff multiple frags with known components and train yourself to find the commonalities and then work backwards. Both approaches are doing the same thing - solving algebra and memorizing the variables once you solve the equations.

    Also check out the Single Note Exploration part of the forum. It's descended from the Note Identification Project. also has some beautiful kits - smaller, and about the price of designer frags, but with helpful documentation.
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    Default Re: Where to train my nose? Where to smell individual ingredients?

    Smell everything in your garden. Even things that aren't recognized perfumery notes present interesting opportunities to train your nose. It's all about recognition and noticing shades of green, spicy, earthy, dark, etc. No experience is wasted.
    Smell everything in your spice rack.
    Find your local whole foodsy grocery store and dab yourself with everything in their essential oils section.

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