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    Default Re: Fragrance lines that have disappointed/impressed you most?

    Impressed: Creed, Nicolai, Amouage, YSL, Eau d`italie
    Unimpressed: Guerlain, Nasomatto, Serge Lutens

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    Default Re: Fragrance lines that have disappointed/impressed you most?

    I'd wear just about anything from Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel, which I can't say about any other house under the sun. Yves Saint Laurent's older fragrances (Kouros, Opium, Rive Gauche, Jazz, et al.) are my Holy Grails, scents with personality and verve, and even their recent barrel-scrapers like L'Homme and Elle are at least pleasant and wearable. Chanel just bottles pure, velvet-lined, diamond-studded gorgeousness; if there is an afterlife, I'm sure it smells like Coco parfum. But like YSL, even their lesser offerings are solid.

    I can't say I've been disappointed with an entire line, but then I've never smelled the hyped-to-the-heavens likes of Serge Lutens, By Killian, or L'Artisan. Disappointment implies that my hopes had been dashed, and I've never gotten my hopes up for Versace, Nautica, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, et al. If they make something that impresses me, bonus, but I smell their testers expecting little and am usually proven right.

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    Default Re: Fragrance lines that have disappointed/impressed you most?

    I'm currently disappointed with Caron. Le troisieme homme and Yatagan haven't impressed me as I expected.

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    Default Re: Fragrance lines that have disappointed/impressed you most?

    Impressed: Creed, YSL, Guerlain
    Disappointed: Aqua di Parma; L'Artisan

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    Default Re: Fragrance lines that have disappointed/impressed you most?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sugandaraja View Post
    If I had to have a wardrobe consisting of fragrances all from one house, it would be Serge Lutens, hands down. I'm continually impressed by the line, despite the fact that there are quite a few I dislike or I'm indifferent to.

    The one I'm most disappointed in is Creed. Not because it's the worst fragrance house - far from it, but despite its large fanbase, I can't seem to find a single Creed I really like. Of all the fragrance houses, it's the one with the most dissonance between reputation and my personal experience.
    Taste being highly subjective, I agree with Suga on this. Most Creeds disappoint me. Overall, I do not equate bottle price with quality or my enjoyment. I only own one Creed--Royal Delight.

    On the other hand, I like most Guerlains and most from Parfum d'Empire. Price is not a basis for my interests and tastes.
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    Default Re: Fragrance lines that have disappointed/impressed you most?

    Most impressed:
    Parfum d' Empire (not only a good overall lineup but some really unique, flamboyant and sensual scents)
    Divine (elegance and understatement from an underrated/overlooked house)
    Lalique (you can find them anywhere and they smell like a thousand bucks)
    Eau d' italie (the subtlety of Duchaufourd with the notes amped to max, each fragrance is like a scenery)
    Le Labo ("take 'em or leave 'em" scents but with tons of creativity)
    Left me umimpressed:
    Amouage (either too strong and old-fashioned or just lesser Duchaufour creations)
    Creed (not an expert on this house but really not interested after what I smelled)
    Etat Libre d' Orange (OK, they sound interesting, the note lists read interesting, but in reality they give off an "old lady" vibe)
    EdP Frederique Male (not really bad or even uninteresting but the ones that have the biggest crowd are really very mainstream IMHO)
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    Default Re: Fragrance lines that have disappointed/impressed you most?


    Pre-reformulation Maître Parfumeur et Gantier
    Amouage, since Chong took over
    Eau d'Italie
    's masculines
    The Piguet re-launches


    Hermès, since Elléna came on board
    Bond No. 9

    Le Labo
    Etat Libre d'Orange
    Humiecki & Graef

    Dolce & Gabbana

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    Default Re: Fragrance lines that have disappointed/impressed you most?

    I was, and still am, quite impressed with the quality of By Kilian, though I don't have desire to own any of them. I was pleasantly surprised when I first discovered Frederic Malle with its wearability.

    Creed (At First)
    L'Artisan (I greatly appreciate this line, and the wide array of genres it covers. None have BLOWN me away, but none have overly disappointed me, and I find it a perfect middle-of-the-road niche house, which isn't really a bad thing IMO.)
    Parfum d'Empire
    Serge Lutens
    Parfumerie Generale

    Bond no. 9
    Guerlain (for the most part, though there are select gems)
    Czech and Speake
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    Default Re: Fragrance lines that have disappointed/impressed you most?

    When I first got into this hobby, I thought Frederic Malle was a load of crap, except for Musc Ravageur. I now see things totally differently: While I still think Musc Ravageur is a fantastic fragrance, I'm much more blown away by the artistry of the other fragrances in the line.

    According to my tastes (and not all will agree), I believe that Frederic Malle is probably the only fragrance house where each and every fragrance is a masterpiece.

    In other words: (for me, that is)

    Angeliques sous la Pluie: my most-worn fragrance
    Vetiver Extraordinaire = my favorite vetiver
    Bigarade Concentree = my favorite citrus
    Carnal Flower = my favorite tuberose
    Musc Ravageur = favorite musk
    En Passant = favorite lilac

    ..........etc etc

    Not to mention that even the ones I don't absolutely love are incredibly unique and groundbreaking, like Geranium pour Monsieur and Noir Epices. Not to mention that due to the bottles all being the same, the sway of any particular fragrance's marketing is minimized.

    Frederic Malle's artistic direction in combination with the selectively chosen perfumers involved, has resulted in something that just might save the fragrance industry from caving in on itself.
    Sales thread here

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    Default Re: Fragrance lines that have disappointed/impressed you most?

    Frederic Malle without a doubt as a line.

    I agree with what was said above by L'Aventurier and others. First and foremost I love and wear many of the scents, and can appreciate the ones that are not for me, but just as importantly I respect the fact that Mr. Malle is trying to push boundaries creatively and giving full acknowledgement to the individuals he works with. The look and feel of the whole design also resonates with me, personally.

    Others I am impressed with (to date):

    Amouage, Parfums de Nicolai, Maitre Parfumeurs et Gantier.
    Guerlain, Hermes & Chanel - altho I see them more as institutions than 'lines' with a higher hit or miss ratio due to more releases.
    So far I am also impressed by Histoires de Parfums but need to try more from this line.

    I have desert island favourites from others but don't see that this is the place to endorse or pan a whole line based on a couple of items.

    Disappointed by Bond - the whole exercise seems to be more about marketing and volume than actual creation - when I have tried their stuff (and that would be pretty well all of them) I feel more like a statistic from a certain demographic who will 'get this one because we know it worked when so and so did it' rather than an individual . . .

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    Default Re: Fragrance lines that have disappointed/impressed you most?


    Robert Piguet's rereleased fragrances, which are of consistently high quality, priced appropriately, and available in parfum strength. The new Bandit is extraordinary, as is Futur, which is a throwback green chypre that belongs right up there with the greatest.


    Dior: Used to be great but they reformulate their classics like no one's business. Diorella and Dolce Vita have both been significantly weakened by reformulation and neither is available in anything stronger than EdT any longer.

    Givenchy. I really feel like this house has gone downhill in the last decade. All they seem capable of doing is releasing the 123rd "Irrésistible" fragrance, none of which appear to be any good. I'm glad they brought back some classics, but they are way too expensive just to have in EdT. PLEASE bring back Givenchy III in the parfum!

    Bond No 9: I still don't see what the fuss is about. Sure, it's exclusive, but I just haven't found the fragrances that interesting. I was particularly disappointed by Gramercy Park--it smelled really cheap. Chinatown gets a lot of press but I find it overpoweringly sweet.

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    Default Re: Fragrance lines that have disappointed/impressed you most?


    Yves Saint Laurent - high quality daring scents that aren't expensive.
    Frederic Malle - unique daring scents that aren't too "weird"
    Bond No. 9 - long lasting and i like more of their offerings than any other house speaking exclusively.
    Christian Dior - Daring, always high quality and classy
    Lalique - smells really high quality and found almost anywhere
    Hermes - excellent high quality fragrances, I don't like a lot of them but, can't judge them based on that.
    Thierry Mugler - despute numerous flankers, most of the scents are daring, creative and very appealing
    Tom Ford - strong unique scents that are usually love/hate.
    Le Labo - creativity and high quality


    Creed - mostly inoffensive scents that last 3 hours, not impressed overall. The 'natural' gimmick doesn't appeal to me.
    Amouage - too old fashioned
    By Kilian - too strong and little appeal
    Ralph Lauren - complete mediocrity
    Armani - overpriced, just above average
    Calvin Klein - not very good overall at all
    Montale too weird and strong
    Guerlain - nothing really impressed me, their history keeps them popular
    Versace - other than The Dreamer( which isn't that great) they're mediocre
    Burberry - other than London (which I love) nothing is really that great

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    Default Re: Fragrance lines that have disappointed/impressed you most?

    Frederic Malle
    Humiecki & Graef
    Dior Colognes (Eau Noire and Bois d'argent)
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