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    Default SotD Monday, May 31

    Wowee Zowee! I've never been first, so I thought I'd give it a try.

    Memorial Day greetings to those in the US, Happy Monday to all!

    When I get up in the morning, I am going to wear L'Artisan Poivre Piquant, from my prize bottle. Until then, I will dream sweet dreams in Montale Blue Amber.

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Horizon - Guy Laroche

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    Thumbs up Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Jacques Polge 's

    Head Notes
    Ginger, Lavender, Mandarin Orange, Peach, Bergamot, Lemon
    Heart Notes
    Gardenia, Patchouli, Freesia, Jasmine, Vetiver, Anise, Cedar, Pepper, Brasilian Rosewood, Rose
    Base Notes
    Leather, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Amber, Musk, Benzoin, Coconut, Oakmoss, Vanilla
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    Have I told you about the scent of jasmine? Have I spoken about the smell of the sea? The earth is scented. And I perfume myself to enhance what I am. That's why I can not wear a perfume that bothers me. Perfuming is an instinctive wisdom. And like all art, it requires some knowledge of yourself..."
    Clarice Lispector ( 1920-1977) - Perfumes da Terra / Earth

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Good morning Off to talk with the tax-office about what's left of the extra taxes I had to pay. Sotd is Habit Rouge. Hope you all have a nice day.
    Currently wearing: Messe de Minuit by Etro

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Wearing AL Hong Kong Garden and contemplating finally going to bed as it is about ten minutes until 2 on Monday morning here. I love having a long weekend but oh, my, what it does to my sleep habits! Have a lovely Monday and take care, all.

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    West Indian Lime - Crabtree & Evelyn
    Wishlist is pointless.

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    After going through my 'Most Worn' frags,
    I discovered, that I haven't been in my
    beloved Hypnotic Poison all month, so;

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Today I'm wearing vintage Chamade Eau de Cologne sent to me by a very generous B'Ner. Have a great day all!
    The Candy Perfume Boy:One boy's obsession with perfume and all things smelly.

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    My SOTD is Creed Virgin Island Water.

    Top notes: essence of copra, coconut today, lime of the Antilles, white bergamot, and mandarin orange from Sicily
    Middle Notes: hibiscus, ginger, ylang-ylang, and Indian jasmine
    Bottom Notes: sugar cane and white rum of the Antilles, musk from Tonkin

    Please feel free to check out my Swap Thread - Patou pour Homme, L'Instant de Guerlain PH Extreme, Dior Homme Intense, Pure Malt, Pure Coffee and many more! Click Here For My Swap Thread

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Wowwee Zowee indeed dear Heidi!! Isn't it fun to be first!!

    Hope y'all enjoy this day of sober guest and I had a great Amurrican night at the ball game last night and the local team won in the bottom of the ninth with a rully nice triple play. Followed by rully nice fireworks. Yaaaay.

    Thanks to Wolfie am spending the morning in DSH's Cielo - a pretty, flowery fig.
    "The world is ruled by letting things take their course. It cannot be ruled by interfering." Lao Tze

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    Guest 3

    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Happy (belated) Birthday to Taolady!

    Here are some peonies for you, dear Tao...

    I hope you enjoyed your special day!

    Not wearing anything yet...thinking about Prada l'Eau Ambre this morning so may go with that.

    Greetings to those celebrating Memorial Day!
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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Guerlain Heritage Edp this morning
    Only the fool would take trouble to verify that his sentence was composed of ten as, three bs, four cs, four ds, forty-six es, sixteen fs, four gs, thirteen hs, fifteen is, two ks, nine ls, four ms, twenty-five ns, twenty-four os, five ps, sixteen rs, forty-one ss, thirty-seven ts, ten us, eight vs, eight ws, four xs, eleven ys, twenty-seven commas, twenty-three apostrophes, seven hyphens and, last but not least, a single!

    Go ahead. Test the veracity of this (1960s I think) pre-computer generated masterpiece of self-referential sentences.

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    I smell something

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Guerlain Cologne du Parfumeur, refreshing with aromatic herbal accents and with a meltingly soft, sweet orange flower note along with a hint of musk. Nice lasting power too, for an eau de cologne. I'll be reaching for this often in the coming summer months.

    Take care, everyone!
    "I felt something so intense, I could only express it in a perfume." - Jacques Guerlain

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Gris Clair....
    I don't know much about medicine, but I know what I like. -- S.J. Perelman

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Quote Originally Posted by Le Grand Duc View Post

    After going through my 'Most Worn' frags,
    I discovered, that I haven't been in my
    beloved Hypnotic Poison all month, so;

    Gasp! Shock! Horror! ()

    Well... I'm in the afterglow of Mitsuoko on my sleep shirt ... and contemplating today's luxurious scent for staying still and reading. Hmm. Maybe more Mitsuoko for this thundershowery Memorial Day Monday...(thankful for holidays even if they are spent recuperating from too much gardening!)

    Just added a layer of fresh Mitsuoko EDP with a side of Black Aoud... now THAT's a layering combo I stumbled upon when I sniffed the two scents side by side on my shirt! It isn't recommended for office wear (projection factor NUCLEAR) but for luxuriating at home it is GREAT! Rosy peachy woody odd loveliness!

    And after realizing I left my car windows open all night (we had occasional downpours this morning too) guess I'll leave 'em open to dry it out, sigh ...
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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Today I'm wearing an excellent Laura Ashley No. 1 knockoff perfume oil that I bought from

    I do have a bottle of the original LA No. 1, but the top notes have lost something, so occaasionally I prefer the knockoffs.

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Good morning all, I'm observing memorial day with my family today in the USA. My SOTD is EMILIO PUCCI 'VIVARA' from a sample. Its a lovely summer fragrance, floral, woodsy,citrusy, somehow it just works. I'll give it a thumbs up.

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Muguet de Bois by Coty (new formulation - from a sample...thanks 30 Roses!)

    Diorissimo, with a little less bite. Nice n' soapy. Smells fantastic on my sunburnt skin this morning.
    Currently wearing: Lui by Guerlain

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Darn database error....I had posted my SOTD but it wasn't posted. is an abreviated version of what I wrote. DSH's American Beauty edp, perfume oil & shea butter body cream...the cream is wonderful on my sunburn.

    Have a wonderful day everybody!
    "You smell like sunshine and happiness."
    Currently wearing: Samsara by Guerlain

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Dear Tao,

    A belated one as it wasn't showing up on your b'day.

    Wearing Ambre Sultan today.

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Cy Twombly
    Chanel - Eau Premiere
    A glowing, fizzy reminder of the domineering Chanel No. 5.
    Soft-cloudlike, I touch the ceiling as if
    I am a balloon from the carnival.
    I bounce along until the door is opened
    and I am free in the bright blue sky.
    Gentle jasmine trails behind.

    Notes for the EDP - aldehydes, Grasse jasmine, rose,
    ylang-ylang, iris, amber, and patchouli.
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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    [cc attribution: espresso marco]

    Spent the weekend in Ava Luxe Opoponax Intense, out of deference to a house guest for whom floralz makez sneezes. Such hardship ;)

    Notes: hesperides, Indian amber, myrrh, opoponax, frankincense, Siam benzoin, tolu balsam
    Out here we are running for the wide open spaces, the road-smell after the rain.

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Afternoon all,

    I'm in SJP Lovely.

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    Lean in closer, dear

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Quote Originally Posted by tdem1961 View Post
    Guerlain Cologne du Parfumeur, refreshing with aromatic herbal accents and with a meltingly soft, sweet orange flower note along with a hint of musk. Nice lasting power too, for an eau de cologne. I'll be reaching for this often in the coming summer months.

    Take care, everyone!
    Hmmm. I had this on my to-try list for Boston, and now I'm more excited to try it. You make it sound fabulous.
    Wearing a little Mintea from Masaki Matsuhima. Wish it were stronger. Reminds me of my favorite parts of Nanadebary Green. Of course, Mintea is discontinued.

    The greatest hero I ever knew passed away yesterday. She is, quite literally, an icon among conservationists. She received lots of media coverage over the decades, but my favorite bit was published by Newsweek magazine which referred to Lorrie Otto as “the godmother of the natural landscaping movement.” She changed many people’s landscapes and lives, including mine. Professionally she was “just a housewife,” but she led the fight to ban DDT during the 1950s. If you want to see the face of a 90-year-old crusader, click on this Seattle Times article.
    (1) Finish scanning historical photos. (2) Shoot photos to chronicle present.
    Currently wearing: Bel Ami by Herms

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    Smile Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Today I'm enjoying Love's True Bluish Light. Later on I might re-try Dinner by Bobo. Fun!

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Quote Originally Posted by Taolady View Post
    Wowwee Zowee indeed dear Heidi!! Isn't it fun to be first!!
    Yes, it is! And you inspired me to do it, dearest Taolady! Such a simple pleasure, too. The best kind!

    Quote Originally Posted by Furriner View Post
    Gris Clair....
    Furriner, I keep reading your posts and thinking that we're scent twins. We like a LOT of the same fragrances!

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    an oil rose from iran
    A, quales ego mane rosas procedere vidi!
    Nascebantur adhuc neque erat par omnibus aetas.

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Good day, everyone!

    Today, I'm surrounding myself in a wee cloud (a little goes a long way) of Montale's...


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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Thanks for posting the interesting info. Mrs. Q. I didn't know about this movement, and appreciate the info.
    My idol - much younger than me, and not really of equal importance to conservation in the grand scheme of things, lost her tennis match today in a surprise upset at Roland Garros today. I am gutted.

    SotMorning - Acqua di Gio.
    SotAfternoon - Virgin Island Water

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    Default Re: SotD Monday, May 31

    Quarry~ Thanks for mentioning Lorrie Otto and posting the link to that article. I hadn't heard of her, but that's a wonderful life story.

    I haven't been checking in regularly because I've been so busy with trying to get this house into baby-ready shape. A former "room full o' crap" is now only about 1/4 full o' crap. Plus, I've been shopping for wallpaper and fabric and rockers, and cribs and car seats; and reading and learning all about cribs and car seats, etc. And air conditioning. DH decided he wanted us to get air conditioning for the house this year and I felt like I needed to get several different quotes and learn more about HVAC systems and condensers and furnaces and tax credits and tons and BTUs than I ever, or I should say never, wanted to know. I just feel like if I don't educate myself, we'll spend too much money and/or receive a bad/inappropriate system for our home, and get ripped-off. It's a compulsion of mine to learn as much as I can about something before deciding on a course of action or particular product. Of course, all this applies to baby planning too. Test driving strollers at Target and B'r'Us. Shopping for maternity clothes at every Ross (cheap clothes that fit, yay!) between here and the furniture stores in South San Francisco. Oh, yes, new bedroom furniture for DH and me. The nursery was formerly our "clothes room" with all our folded clothes stored in tall utility racks with wire baskets (as well as aforementioned miscellaneous piles o' crap in every corner). So I learned all about case goods (and dove-tail joints and drawer glides and veneers...) and how everybody from low to mid-range manufacturers all the way up to Drexel Heritage and Ethan Allen now makes their wood furniture in Asia. I told DH that we'd be shopping for a bedroom set that we're going to have for the rest of our lives, so I wanted it to be quality, and I wanted it to be beautiful to the both of us. We browsed online and drove to nearly every furniture store from San Jose to San Francisco looking at *everything* before settling on a gorgeous set by FFDM. It should arrive by the end of June.

    A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It freaked me out quite a bit, of course, until I learned more about it and discovered thru blood testing that my diet and activity level doesn't yet really require me to make many significant changes. I carried on with the planning and running around, and of course the yard work. Tis the season, you know, when everything bursts out of the soil and things need weeding and fertilizing, and I bought my usual assortment of coleus annuals and repaired drip lines and decided to add some astilbe and bleeding hearts to the front lanai and other such things here and there.

    Did I mention I've been cleaning out the garage as well? Actually, I think I did in my last SotD post. So, guess who's just been also diagnosed with mild preeclampsia? I'm supposed to avoid stress AND stick to bed rest? Bed rest IS stressful!!! I have THINGS TO DO! I haven't taken the baby classes yet! Grr.

    Everyone tells me everything will be fine. I know they're probably right. My BP is fine as long as I don't run around all day. I actually did some mild pruning on the rose bushes (about 15 minutes) after breakfast this morning and my BP is normal. I will manage my activity level. I will lay down. A lot. I'll read books and lounge with the cats. Maybe I could even get used to this.

    My SotD is Badgley Mischka Fleurs de Nuit. Scored a full 3.4 oz tester bottle on ebay for $29.98 shipped. No box, but it has the cap. I love it!
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    Patsy: Oh, this? Chanel No. 5.
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