(Kinda off topic, so some of you may or may not care about this, if not then thats okay)

Alright so ive been using a new tanning lotion called white 2 black.
dunno if anyone else uses lotions/bronzers or whatever but the scent of it is VERY cologne/parfume'y for men and i know it from somewhere. Usually designer lotions like this smell tropical or girly... This has a distinct smell... and very distinct smell after youve been out in the sun/tanning bed with it.

By itself, i cant tell what it is.. hopefully someone here has a better nose for it (IF they can find it)
But i'll tell you what it smells like after baking in the sun...

Cartier Declaration. Its not so much an armpit smell now that i think about it, its like a sweaty, skin burnt smell, BUT IT SMELLS GOOD!! I dunno how to explain it, its just weird. Im sniffing my arm and yes, this is declaration! How weird and funny?