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    Hey Folks,

    MI garners me so many compliments I stopped counting a while ago. I think it's an extremely classy scent but after the watermelon/citrus notes fade away, MI seems to have a sharp sour marine note in the mid and base. It doesn't smell rancid just much different than when first applied. Am I the only one that thinks this?


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    The ambergris and woody and marine notes are the drydown of the fragrance so you are not mistaken. I also like Mi, I plan to buy it down the line.

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    I have only noticed sourness when heat & humidity have made me perspire too much that either the bacteria or the Silver Mountain Water bodywash has mingled poorly with it. Diet, stress, etc. could also be a factor.

    I am grateful the watermelon note isn't overpowering as that would cheapen the design. Too bad it fades...quickly.

    MI is a masterpiece; it's literally wearable fine art.

    ONE drop is enough to make heads turn (on me). Wish the mid development lasted longer. Oh, yeah, it smells like liquefied money. Chicks dig it.

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    It`s a very nice high quality scent indeed, but it`s to light and pretty for my taste. Erolfa is my favourite of the two. It`s like a salty, "dirty", spicy, much less pretty version of M-I. Erolfa has also much better longevity.

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