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    Default Need some sporty help

    I have tried many, many (or maybe all) of the typical department store scents. My wife has liked things such as Tommy and Fierce during the summer, but I work at a University and the college age girls absolutely do NOT like these colognes so I tended to only wear them at home and then wear something else to work. The other problem with scents like these is that they don't last on me. Lately I have been testing a bunch of non-department store smells and I really need some help for what might make my wife happy as well as myself. With a typical cologne, my skin only holds the scent for a couple hours max. All of the Creeds that I have tried have seriously lasted all day, and still strong at the end of the day. So, I am trying to find a sporty kind of fragrance that my wife would like, with the longevity of a Creed. For what it's worth, here is what I have sampled lately and the general thoughts from everyone (myself, my wife, and people at work).

    MI - Awesome! Just a fresh scent that is everyone seems to like
    SMW - Awesome! Again, a fresh scent maybe a bit more feminine but everyone seems to like it
    GIT - OK, nothing special. However my wife hates it.
    BDP - Good scent but I can't pull it off until I add another 20 years. Would be good as a candle
    Acier Alum- Good but reminds me of an old friend of our family that smelled like this for 30 years
    REL - OK, but not much leather going on here, especially considering it's in the name

    Live Jazz - Good scent, lasts decent but not great, my wife says it's too pungent at the start

    Rive Gauche - Zero reaction from anyone. A spicier Barbasol shaving cream to me. Not bad, not great.

    Dior Homme - Wow! Everyone is disgusted with this! I seriously tried it twice and got crazy bad reactions from specifically the women. Nearly everyone said that it smells like a disgusting old woman. I have to agree even though I had high hopes for this.

    Terre D'Hermes - Dirt, Pine & tomato vine smell. Obviously, it curled some noses. Dries down to the exact smell of the cheap Pine Tree air fresheners for a car. Yuck.

    Still, even though some of the Creeds were great for longevity, I still need to find a sporty (or maybe aquatic) scent that she tends to like. So..... suggestions please?

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    Default Re: Need some sporty help

    Chanel's Allure line (including Allure Sport) is worth a try, Allure Homme Sport is one of the best sporty fragrances I think.

    Thierry Mugler's Cologne is also worth a try; very simple, clean and easy to wear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smeghead View Post
    Chanel's Allure line (including Allure Sport) is worth a try, Allure Homme Sport is one of the best sporty fragrances I think.

    Thierry Mugler's Cologne is also worth a try; very simple, clean and easy to wear.
    Agree. I also would add Hermès ROCABAR and BEL AMI, Lanvin's ARPEGE POUR HOMME...
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    Default Re: Need some sporty help

    The "fresh", "aquatic", "sporty" fragrances I like that have great longevity are Bvlgari Aqva, L'eau D'Issey, Mugler Cologne, and one Creed you didn't mention, Erolfa (which I would think is a must try for you).

    Oh, and someone already mentioned Allure Homme Sport. I prefer Allure Homme Edition Blanche. But that's just personal preference. You should try them both.
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    Default Re: Need some sporty help

    +1 on the Golfer's Bvlgari Aqva suggestion. You need to give this a try if you are thinking of exploring some aquatics.

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    Default Re: Need some sporty help

    Thanks for the suggestions! Just a couple weeks ago we were at a mall with a large selection of colognes and we got a chance to smell Bvlgari Aqva. My wife did like it, but I didn't get a chance to test it for longevity. I will definitely order a sample of Erolfa and Allure Homme in the next day or so.

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