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    Default benzyl or ethyl laurate, anyone?

    looking for aromatics or naturals that have a soapy, waxy, floral scent...anyone worked with these or have any other suggestions?

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    Default Re: benzyl or ethyl laurate, anyone?

    What would you like to use these for? There's a whole lot of waxy/soapy florals. I haven't used benzyl or ethyl laurate, but can think of many others.

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    Default Re: benzyl or ethyl laurate, anyone?

    oh please do tell! and, BTW, from whom do you buy your chemicals? I'm trying to reproduce a discontinued scent...

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    Default Re: benzyl or ethyl laurate, anyone?

    please take a look at the very useful odor index of the good scents company:

    they sell them, too.
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    Default Re: benzyl or ethyl laurate, anyone?

    yes, thanks, gido! that's where I got the names of the aromatics I mentioned....just wondering if anyone had any experience with these particular ones

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    Default Re: benzyl or ethyl laurate, anyone?

    sadly, i have no experience with either.
    but what is this fragrance you are going to work on, and what kind of floral notes do you have in mind?

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    Default Re: benzyl or ethyl laurate, anyone?

    trying to reproduce Heartfelt, an old, discontinued Body Shop fragrance from the 80s. (Current TBS scents smell cheap to me, but the old ones were different.) I still have a precious few drops left: yes, it still smells the same to me and my hubby! It evokes treasured memories of our early days together and the uphill battle to be together. How true love prevailed in the end and now we are more madly in love than ever and a beautiful family! I can't bear for this scent to become extinct! I've been to about 10 different perfume retailers over the last week, allowing various "experts" to breach my little bottle and whiff: NO ONE says the same thing: citrus, floral, woodsy, green, clean, a suggestion for rosewood oil, (I do think the carrier oil in Heartfelt plays a part in it's appeal to me), l'occitane "Paeonia" combined with Fresh "Sugar Lemon" kinda get in the ballpark, not really doing it justice. Maybe a trace of something like Amazing Grace or Clean's Fresh Shower or Ultimate. I have asked for a present a trip to Linda's place in CA that everyone on the Forum writes of, The Perfumer's Apprentice. Our girls are too young for such a trip right now. I spend alot of time reading through descriptions of aromatics on The Good Scents' site. I'm a little obsessed! Any suggestions of where to turn next??

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    Default Re: benzyl or ethyl laurate, anyone?

    I use perfumer's apprentice for their fragrance ingredients. As far as waxy/floral or leafy scents phenethyl acetate, alcohol, PADMA (phenylacetaldehyde dimethyl acetal), and the other phenyl ethyl's are good. Additionally, in low doses the low numbered aldehydes (below 12). Clean florals are often built beginning with linalools/linalyl acetates - the former in rosewood, latter bergamot. White musks include habanolide, galaxolide, ambrettolide. Green can come from hexenol 3 cis, dihydroquinone, triplal (with citrus tones). Again, very complicated, lots of options, but perhaps with $40-50, you can get small samples of these molecules and see if any fit the bill. I hope this helps in some capacity and best of luck chasing what sounds like a beautiful memory.

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