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    I have 2 questions first is a I have Creed Millesime Imperial oil, 1 week ago its lasts 4 hour,but today 1 hour why?and second question is a tell me about YSL Kouros scent it is a, fresh or green or sharp or sweet or heavy or citrus?
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    Kouros is a citrus scent...

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    About Kouros, check the main directory page:

    Many reviews there; it's a woody/clove fragrance with a strong dose of civet.

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    kouros is a very strong animalic scent, not fresh or citrus at all in my opinion.

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    very thanks about kouros answers

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    I find Kouros to have a very fresh 'skin' smell. Maybe the clove and the cumin? I absolutely love it.
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    The initial burst of Kouros is fresh but it quickly develops into a heavy chypre of jasmine and civet.

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    Kouros is very sharp and heavy in the beginning. Wait until the drydown (about a couple of hours) before making an opinion on it.

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    I would say Kouros is Fresh with some dirt and heavy to some extent.
    as for the Millesime oil, I do not know what to say, is this a creed oil, or some knockoff?
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    Kouros always reminds me of a toilet cleaner.. really try it before buying

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hovo View Post
    YSL Kouros scent it is a, fresh or green or sharp or sweet or heavy or citrus?
    Yes to all of those except for green.

    Re: MI longevity...was the weather different? Did you apply the same amount?
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    really it's very special. I like it. but i think it's not a fragrance for daily use. for awhile i had problem with Civet note. now i want to have it another time.
    and about your question: It's Strong.
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