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    Default Keiko Mecheri - Mulholland, Taormine, Les Nuits d'Izu and Tarifa


    This month, niche line Keiko Mecheri will launch a new quartet of fragrances — Mulholland, Taormine, Les Nuits d’Izu and Tarifa — revisiting the Eau de Cologne genre:

    Mulholland ~ “An olfactive immersion in the golden mythical era of psychedelia and hipness of the canyon of dreams. Notes of citrus, petit gran. [sic] oriental chord, crystalline musk.”

    Taormine ~ “An escale in Sicily, a genuinely summer fragrance with a slight feminine accent. Delicious simplicity. Notes of Sicilian petitgrain, Calabrian bergamot, Italian citron, bitter almond, aromatic chord, crystalline musk.”

    Les Nuits d’Izu ~ “Shimmery lights along the Izu peninsula, the Riviera of Japan, set against the indigo summer sky. Ethereal, precious. Notes of yuzu, rose japonica, littoral moss, hinoki, vanilla.”

    Tarifa ~ “A journey along the Mediterranean crest that provides an endless source of inspiration and olfactive expressions. Quintessential and vibrant. Notes of Tunisian orange blossom, petitgrain. Calabrian bergamot, spices, vanilla, crystalline musk.”

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    Default Re: Keiko Mecheri - Mulholland, Taormine, Les Nuits d'Izu and Tarifa

    Thanks J- the notes sound wonderful especially Mulholland and Tarifa - though the bottles' color and concept are a little Tom Ford 'Musk' like.
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    Default Re: Keiko Mecheri - Mulholland, Taormine, Les Nuits d'Izu and Tarifa

    Thanks for posting this, petruccijc - this is pretty exciting! I love almost everything I've ever sniffed from KM, and these sound promising....and interesting. I'll eagerly look forward to these!

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    Default Re: Keiko Mecheri - Mulholland, Taormine, Les Nuits d'Izu and Tarifa

    I wonder if the pricing on these will be lower than her regular line (since they're eau de colognish)?

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