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    Default montale bottle query and suggestions

    Hi folks

    Just got myself a bottle of black oud but the bottle feels half full even though the whole package was sealed. Is this ok? Is it because I'm used to the glass bottles which feel heavier?

    I'm enjoying my new journey into the world of perfumes. So far I've sampled a few fragrance of the following brands:
    2. Montale
    3. Le Labo
    4. Czech & Speake
    5. Pro del Forte
    6. Tann Rokka
    7. Editions de parfums
    8. Boellis
    9. Nasomatto
    10. Keiko Mecheri

    What an adventure! My nose is still not used to all this.

    Any suggestions on what else to try.


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    Default Re: montale bottle query and suggestions

    Yes this is quite normal for Montale. It often feels quite empty even when perfectly new, and of course there's often a little space at the top anyway. I believe Montale bottles are quite a bit larger than the manufactured contents by design anyway.

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    Default Re: montale bottle query and suggestions

    Try the Xerjoffs... you can get a set of 12 samples from luckyscent
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    Default Re: montale bottle query and suggestions

    I think you'd enjoy trying the Serge Lutens.

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    Default Re: montale bottle query and suggestions


    If you decided to unscrew the top of your brand new bottle and pour out the contents into a measuring glass, I am sure you'll get at least 100mls - or which ever amount you may have bought. They don't come filled to the brim by default, and the cans are very light to begin with. Onceling is right, the cans are designed to hold more than Montale's designated amounts. You're perfectly fine! As is your bottle of Black Aoud. Cheers!
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    Default Re: montale bottle query and suggestions

    I've seen your question regarding the Montale bottles posted on BN by other members before, and I can assure you that your bottle is fine. Their aluminum bottles are much lighter than the typical glass ones you are probably used to. Also, as mentioned above by others, there is extra room in the bottle as they offer the option of having additional oudh oil added to some of their scents.
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    Default Re: montale bottle query and suggestions

    Thanks guys

    Thalia and actiasluna, thanks for the suggestions; will be trying them soon.

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