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    Default Biggest double take

    So I got a sample of Muscs Koublai Khan a couple weeks ago, and at first sniff I found it despicable and scrubbed it off before going out a little later. I decided I should at least finish my sample though, and I have to say, I am really loving this scent! I don't think I would wear it out to anything formal or just regularly, but I find something really intoxicating about it now, I like to put a little on before bed and fall asleep smelling it (gives me some neck-bitingly good dreams ). So I was wondering, what's the biggest double take you've ever taken on a scent and what was it?

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    Default Re: Biggest double take

    This is exactly how MKK was for me too. I couldn't understand what I was smelling, and why anybody would want to smell like it. Sampling it again, got me hooked. It is very intoxicating and addictive. I too love to wear it to bed. =)

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    Default Re: Biggest double take

    When I tried MKK my first thought was, "I can replicate this easily, and I don't need to buy anything." LOL.

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    Default Re: Biggest double take

    It's happened to me with my two favorite Guerlains: Vetiver and Habit Rouge. It's happened to me with three of the four Carons for men: L'Anarchiste, Yatagan, and especially Pour un Homme (the fourth, 3rd Man, was love at first sniff). It's happened with plenty of others, the biggest standout event was with L'Artisan's Dzing.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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