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    Default Layering incense with vanilla?

    Hi, I recently got a sample vial of Avignon, which is a Frankencense dominant fragrance. I was watching
    Teresa on Youtube and she said something about how you could layer it with vanilla to give it a good
    smell. I haven't really given the whole layering concept much thought,but this sounded like a neat idea.
    I actually have several vanilla type frags in my collection, including Ignition, Ted Lapidus Pour Lui, and
    Rochas Man. Has anyone else tried layering these two notes? Since I only have the vial and no intention
    of ever buying a bottle, I guess I won't have much room for experimenting. Is one of my vanilla frags a
    good layering duo with Avignon? Also, how would you layer to get the best effect? Remember that the
    Avignon is a dab vial, while the vanilla sprays are all full bottles? Could I maybe mix the two together
    in a separate spray vial. I'm ordering some 3 ml decant atomizers,so that might be a possibility as well.

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    Default Re: Layering incense with vanilla?

    Why not just get some vanilla extract and then you can put that on first until you get the right strength, and then add the Avignon? Just make sure your vanilla extract has no corn syrup, because then you will smell the corn too !

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    Default Re: Layering incense with vanilla?

    Molinard makes a vanilla fragrance called Vanille which, I use for layering. It smells of just vanilla, heavy vanilla so use judgement in application. It is relatively inexpensive too.
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