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    Default New Summer Fragrance

    So everyone I am looking for a new summer fragrance. I currently wear Versace Man Eau Friache because my girl loves it so much but I amlooking for something new, I don't like allure homme sport, issey miyake, etc...I want something different, maybe Orange Sanguine...I haven't smelled that one yet though. So throw me some suggestions. Thanks

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    well,. theres so many options in the "fresh - summer" vibe on the mainstream line... but, you can try dunhill desire blue, really nice, comfortable and perfectly for this season in other hand, go to higher dior ,simply an amazing underrated fragance.. surely others will suggest you blv aqua, givenchy blue label, many many others,.. i just pick the options i said before. try them !

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    Go over to the Gendarmerie located behind the Troubador in Weho on Nemo St. The creator of Gendarme will demo his entire line of fragrances for you and you'll leave with a handful of samples. Topper is a totally cool guy and he's almost always there.

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    I say give Zegna Z a shot. It's one I've had for awhile now.

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    Grand Luxe

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