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    Default Question about mitsouko:


    I was given a .5 oz bottle of mitsouko and am wondering about it's authenticity/age/concentration.
    It is a baccarat style bottle, but seems newer.
    There is no sticker on the bottom, but etched into the glass it says Guerlain Paris Bottle Made in France
    There is a small clear sticker on the back that says net contents 1/2 fl oz. (This looks newish)
    On the front where the round sticker is that says Guerlain Paris and Mitsouko on the middle it has very small red letters that look like part of the design -15ml 83% vol

    I obviously know nothing about this, and appreciate any information.

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    Default Re: Question about mitsouko:


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    Default Re: Question about mitsouko:

    No pics, have spent 3 days looking for camera cord. Sorry. Regardless, I really appreciate this forum, and I'll keep researching mitsouko packaging.

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