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    I picked up a sample of the 2003 Lanvin Vetyver and I kind of dig it. So I look it up and find out it's been discontinued. Does anyone that's smelled it know of anything still in production that is similar?

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    Just because it has been discontinued doesn't mean it's not readily available. I was able to buy a 50ml bottle at TJ Maxx for $9.99. I soon got rid of it because the longevity is horrible.

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    Fair enough about the longevity. Any ideas for a higher quality version/better longevity version of it?

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    This one has the respect of some Basenotes hitters. Personally, I don't like it, too synthetic for me. I find its longevity to be about average.
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    I also found the sillage to be weak and I'm a liberal sprayer. To me it started out as a sporty fresh type of scent and quickly died down. Nothing special. I'm not sure what else is out there that is similar but there are plenty that are better.
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    I didn't like it at all for the reasons mentioned above. I'm really liking Tom Ford Gray Vetiver

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    I thought the recent version was extremely chemical and harsh, like the hairspray notes of Insense' Ultramarine. I didn't give it much more chance than a day or two before getting rid of it. Didn't smell like vetiver at all, just generic sport/fresh.

    Haven't tried the old version.

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    The opening does have a weird hairspray/lysol kind of vibe, but I find that when it dries down I love the particular type of veitver note that it has. Toothsome and earthy--it reminds me of sweetcorn in a figurative sense. The longevity isn't the best for sillage but it does last nicely on the skin. This was a real sleeper for me.

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    Longevity and sillage is fine on me.

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    It does wear light, and does not project alot. Silage is nothing to write home about which means very little to me anyway, as I was never too concerned about silage. Now having said all that, this fragrance smells so damn good, that I will always have a bottle around. I just spray a little more liberally. I will also say the same about Vetiver by Carven, and I'm referring to the 2006 formulation. Both are winners in my book.
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    There is a long discussion on this scent by scentemental, one of the most respected noses on this site. His writing is some of the most illuminating and enjoyable I have ever read. I wish I remembered the title--well worth a search.
    In it, he discusses what this scent is all about: Its philosophy, what it stands for, and what should be expected of it. Basically, try to see it as it is, for what it stands. It is meant to be subtle and understated. Not all scents were created to have enormous sillage or a heavy representation of a particular note. Especially a note like vetiver, which is almost always represented in scents in an abstract form of its natural essential oil (i.e., not the same thing).
    This is not for me as I have other conservative scents for such occasions--but I respect it.
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