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    Default Guerlain new Cologne du Parfumeur = Lalique Encre Noire d't or Encre Blanc?

    I just opened a package from thoughtful tdem and, having no restraint or respect for what I was already wearing, made little puddles on my skin to take a quick read.

    My first impression of Cologne du Parfumeur is that it bears quite a similarity to Encre Noire. The fresh or citrus portion of CdP faded from view quickly and the musk consumed my attention.

    Was a new chemical released for use by the industry that has made its way into these new major-league offerings? There is something both attractive and totally artificial about it, like a variation on Iso E Super (which, for the record, I like a little more).
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    Default Re: Guerlain new Cologne du Parfumeur = Lalique Encre Noire d't or Encre Blanc?

    Hi, Quarry! My pleasure! xox

    I've yet to smell Encre Noir so can't speak to any similarity it has to CdP. I will say that as a fervent lover of all things oriental and gourmand I was surprised at loving CdP. Instant, bought-it-the-minute-I-tried-it love. It has a soft freshness, nothing sharp, and to me is clean smelling but not in a synthetic, detergent way. It smells like a "white" eau de cologne with green accents, if that makes any sense. ("White" as in clean, green as in fresh.) And it has an orange blossom note I just love. It's a good antidote to a prolonged bout of wearing heavy, sultry frags. Kind of a reset or a palate cleanser, if you will.

    I get more, sustained freshness and citrus from it, with very little musk, but sometimes I'm anosmic to some or all of the musk in a given fragrance and I suspect that's the case here. It's surprisingly long-lasting too, for an eau. I get a good five or six hours out of a wearing.

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