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    Default Patchouli shoot-out!

    I got a boat load of samples a couple of days ago and I don't have enough room on my arms to try everything, so I tried all the patchouli fragrances first: Patchouli by Mazzolari, Patchouli by Lorenzo Villoresi, Patchouli Homme by Parfums de Nicolai, Nightscape by Ulrich Lang, Massive Patchouli by Soivohle.

    My impressions are, 'Whao! They are all really nice!' Patchouli is everything I had been hoping for: dirty and herbal. Here are my impressions:

    1. Patchouli by Lorenzo Villoresi
    This is a beautiful light patchouli scent. Pretty linear but there's a great balance between the lightness and the rootiness of patchouli.

    2. Patchouli by Mazzolari
    Beautiful sweet, spicy patchouli. Definitely the most feminine but totally guy wearable. Somewhat similar to Massive Patchouli, but with better projection.

    3. Nightscape
    I feel it's the most modern of the fragrances I tried. It shares the lightness of the Villoresi, but slightly more complex with a nice fresh opening and a smoky drydown.

    4. Massive Patchouli
    This is Patchouli Oriental here. There is a strong sweet lacquer opening, but recedes to become a very well balanced warm, sweet patchouli scent.

    5. Patchouli Homme
    This is possibly the most divisive patchouli of the bunch. The patchouli is bitter and there is an almost coriander like tinge to it that makes it very unique, but sharp.

    I think Nightscape is going to be my first choice, then either Massive Patchouli or the Mazzolari for a contrast.

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    Default Re: Patchouli shoot-out!

    Thanks, supperman for the reviews.
    The UL sounds great. I've always wanted to test that line and I think it's time now.
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    Default Re: Patchouli shoot-out!

    Amazing on ur impression on Patchouli scent....awesome lol

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    Default Re: Patchouli shoot-out!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, supperman. Over the past one year patchouli has grown to be one of my favorite notes and I look forward to sample some of those you listed here.

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    Default Re: Patchouli shoot-out!

    Hard to go wrong with these choices. Try the Patchouli Homme a few more times before you make up your mind. There's a big rose note wedged in there at a weird angle and some of the notes of a green leather chypre surface late in the drydown. Off-putting at first, almost foody as you point out, but a really well-done scent. The spicy/foodiness has disappeared for me with repeated wearings, resolved into rose and herbal/hesperidic notes. Makes me think of the way that the supposed celery note in Yatagan disappeared as I got to know it.
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    Default Re: Patchouli shoot-out!

    strollyourlobster - pls keep posting your reviews!

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    Default Re: Patchouli shoot-out!

    Hmm, the LV sounds interesting, and would be yet another attempt to find my LV "match". I found the Mazzolari to be very animalic (at least on my skin).
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    Default Re: Patchouli shoot-out!

    Thanks, I personally would not consider this a review because I've not actually worn any of them for a long enough time.

    Yeah, I'm not giving up on Patchouli pour Homme yet, because even though it's really sharp, it's also really unique and I'm strangely drawn to it. I didn't detect any celery note in Yatagan actually, and to me, it was no way as sharp as Patchouli pour homme. I probably will get a small decant just to enjoy on myself.

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    Default Re: Patchouli shoot-out!

    Personally I think Patchouli Homme is an excellent fragrance, truly wonderful.
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    Default Re: Patchouli shoot-out!

    Excellent post, supperman!

    I also enjoy patchouli, especially in cooler months, and I am absolutely bewitched by Jalaine's Patchouli Perfume Oil!

    I have yet to try those that you mentioned.

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    Default Re: Patchouli shoot-out!

    Thanks for posting your excellent reviews supperman!!

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