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    Default Re: Do you ever have a dreams about fragrances?

    Quote Originally Posted by DULLAH View Post
    It's meant for 1 of 2 things from my perspective:
    1. You need to buy Dior Addict 2 for someone, sometime
    2. God is telling you you are a perfume "Addict"

    And i have not had a dream about a bottle of fragrance, most of my dreams are without smell I think. But fortuneately in vivid color and sound, and sometimes quite lucid and shapable. Though mostly i waste the lucidity purely for lust.
    Hehe. Atleast I know how Addict 2 smells right now. I smelled it month ago in perfumery and really liked it. Maybe I should buy it for myself?
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    Default Re: Do you ever have a dreams about fragrances?

    This is hilarious, I though I was the only one dreaming about fragrances! Indeed I do.
    Few nights ago I dreamt I was in a Debenham shop and I got a free Gucci Flora (??) gift box, with the perfume in the regular bottle and the shower gel or shampoo in a very cheap and awful tube, and I was thinking to myself "what the heck? Has Gucci gone that cheap?". It was so funny, first because I dislike Gucci Flora with passion, second because it was such a vivid dream that every time I see Gucci scents I start laughing!
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