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    Thumbs up Tribute to a fragrance journey

    Wow, two years and 1000 posts it has been since I joined BN.
    First of all thank all of you for being an amazing cmmunity

    Maybe a good point to look back in awe before diving head first into the next olfactorial adventure.
    Let me share my story, I was interested in smells for as long as I can remember but only during stay in New-Zealand two years ago it was perfume that caught my interest, got me hooked.
    The same day I searched the net, quickly found basenotes and the rest is history.

    I have so experienced the stages of the obsession many of you mentioned.
    1. sheer eploding interest, sampled anything that came within my reach, unable to classify not to mention specify my preferences. Cool Water!!!
    2. Foundation of a wardrobe, thanks to the bay.Compulsive blind buys mixed with good ol' BN favourites. Smell still an unprecise sensation.
    3. Niche. The constant appreciation and praise for niche just drove me nuts. Budget made it hard to obtain samples, but living in Berlin does have some advantages - exclusive stores are rare but they exist. Sampling niche left me teeth grinding, fastinated by many, unable to appreciate any.
    Decision that creed is crap which is still accurate IMHO. Attraction to "the odd ones".
    4. Books. Emporer of scent, The perfect scent, Perfumes - the guide, Secret of scent and a german book about the way smell works (Maigl÷ckchen Komplex - the lilly of the valley complex) made perfect evening literatur. (still active )
    5. First niche purchases.
    6. Refinement of the nose. Constant sampling, checking notes, smelling pure materials gradually let to being able to pick up notes, to analyse frags, defining what i like and dont like (and why). I was amazed to realise that, to a degree, I now can predict smells from note pyramids and am dreaming of own compositions. I hope this development continues as constantly as it has so far.
    Yet the fun still also lies in all the times of complete failure. Theres nothing better than pleasant suprises, right?
    7. Present: Theres too much stuff I NEED if it wasnt for the money. I will obviously keep on sampling as much as I can and will just gradually extend my wardrobe until I have everything I consider FBW. The only concern that bothers me is the fact that there seem to be Niche and NonNiche frags released every day which makes it almost impossible to keep up.
    I want to deepen my knowledge and something that I really look forward to is a visit to Grasse.

    Perfumery has been my most consisent and most intensive hobby for two years now and sometimes I catch myself fantisising about doing perumery as, well, more than a hobby.
    I'm curious where this road leads to and will let you know once I got there.

    As a member I think my very first highlight was being quoted the first time with approval (for a description of JCEs style to compose frags).

    just my two cents about two amazing years.
    you people are great, thanks!

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    Default Re: Tribute to a fragrance journey

    Congratulations, timaru !
    Go on, Hau rein !
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    Basenotes Plus

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    Default Re: Tribute to a fragrance journey

    Congratulations on reaching the magic 5 stars - I'm right behind you.
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    Default Re: Tribute to a fragrance journey

    congratulations and welcome to the 1000 club !
    The only easy day was yesterday

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