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    I have prom coming up soon. The weather's a bit humid. It's going to be a night.
    Here are my colognes:

    Davidoff Cool Water
    Burberry Brit
    Polo Blue
    Burberry the Beat
    Bvlgari BLV


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    Burberry Brit

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    Brit? Are you guys trying to kill this dude? If it's humid, him and his partner may choke to death from the excessive powdery smell!

    Polo Blue or Coolwater gets my votes.

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    The weather in our part of the world (South East Asia) is hot and humid all year round. We don't have the luxury of season-specific choices. Malaysia is just across the border from Singapore and we share similar weather. The only way for us to enjoy something "winter-specific" in our 30-34 deg cels. / 90+% humidity weather, is to apply in moderation. This way, we don't have to limit ourselves to "freshies" (not particularly my favorite kind of scents.) Of course, it will be a little cooler at night. = )

    I would go with BLV, Brit, or Cool Water.

    Edit: It was from another thread the OP started, that I learnt of his location.
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    Default ...Prom!

    Cool Water....
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    cool water is safe

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    Cool Water

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    Acqua Di...wait...

    Cool Water!

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    I would go with Bulgari.
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