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Thread: Mint, please

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    Default Mint, please

    They're discussing this over in the men's forum, but I'll ask here as well: What fragrances have you found where mint predominates AND lasts beyond the first half hour? I love the opening mint notes in many scents but have yet to find one where the mint has any longevity.

    I'd love to find something that smelled like freshly pinched mint leaves. Guerlain's Herba Fresca and Mentafollia both smell great initially but quickly turn to dull shampoo scents on me. Roma's opening mintyness is my favorite part about that scent; it cuts right through the amber and keeps it from being too cloying. I only wish it lasted longer.

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    Default Re: Mint, please

    I can still smell the mint in Diabolo Rose hours after spraying. The rose predominates but the mint is also prominent, to my nose.

    I'm totally with you on the Aqua Allegorias. I gave my bottle of Mentafollia to my husband months ago and have finally taken it off my wardrobe list. It is completely unexciting on my skin, and not feminine in the least. I tried a sample of Herba Fresca, sent to me by a kind BNer, but the top notes were unpleasant and it settled down to being toothpaste-y very soon afterward.

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    Default Re: Mint, please

    Roadster Cartier
    A, quales ego mane rosas procedere vidi!
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    Creed's Chevrefeuille

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    Fath Green Water

    What about those CdG frags, like 'Mint Leaves" and "Mint Sherbet"?
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    Default Re: Mint, please

    Geranium Pour Monsieur might be worth trying.

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    Opium edt had a minty mid-note other BNs said smelled like Colgate toothpaste . You might want to sample this it is rather strong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nymph View Post
    Creed's Chevrefeuille
    green valley as well, not my type of frag but it does have mint and patchouli

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    Un Air de Samsara (if you can find it) has a very pleasant, lingering mint note.

    L'Eau des Hesperides by Diptyque is also strong on mint, though muddled with lots of other herb notes.
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    Geranium pour Monsieur is really nice. The cool touch stays until the end, which is, unfortunately, the bad news for me - it lasts only 2-3 hours until it fades to a very close skin scent.
    Maybe you might want to try Jardin du Nil by MPG. It has moderate, but acceptable (5+ hours) longevity on me. Given the reviews here, some obviously get an off-note that I don't. Nothing particularly masculine here, BTW.
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    You are right about Herba Fresca - beautiful and charming but really dashy one. I guess you can give a go to The Vert a la Menthe (Green Tea with Mint) by L`Occitane en Provence. The strongest note is actually green tea note but you get quite sharp mint in the head base. The other one I can think of as minty is What about Adam by Joop ( very green and yummy apple mixed with herbs incl. mint) and Mintea by Masakï Matshushïma (doesn't last really long unfortunately). You should also try CdG Series 1 Leaves: Mint - it is more of a galbanum pepper scent, astringent and sharp but mentholated and complicated. Not an easy fragrance.
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    Default Re: Mint, please

    What about Rizières (2001) by Comptoir Sud Pacifique? I get a lot of mint in it. sadly, it's discontinued, but my friend just found a bottle online.
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    Default Re: Mint, please

    I love Diabolo Rose as well. I haven't found other nice minty fragrances but it has opened up my wardrobe to it.
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    Writing all these down for future sniffing. Many thanks.

    How funny; I didn't know there was a perfume called Jardin du Nil. At first I thought you must mean Un Jardin sur le Nil, but no. Can't help but think if MPG were Bond No. 9, they'd have slapped Hermes with a lawsuit. (Classy of MPG not to, IMO.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twitchly View Post
    How funny; I didn't know there was a perfume called Jardin du Nil. At first I thought you must mean Un Jardin sur le Nil, but no.
    And they have nothing alike, not even in style. You'll know what I mean.

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