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    Smile Everyday Fragrance

    Hi there!
    I need a good everyday fragrance! I'm new to the world of fragrances, so I can't describe them very well, but I will try:
    I was thinking of wearing a fragrance(an affordable one) that reminds me of beachs and surfing...
    I think i will try to wear one of these two:
    -Joop! Jump

    I know that Jump isn't a marine fragrance...but I wanted at least a moderate sillage, and by the comments here in basenotes, Quiksilver's sillage isn't very good(I've never tried it...what do you think about it?)
    Oh...I forgot to say: I live in Brazil, and it's pretty hot and humid here, all year long...

    So, what do you think? Which one is better for me?
    Feel free to suggest any other ones too...
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Everyday Fragrance

    Nobody replied? =P

    Well..I went to a store yesterday and smelled both of the fragrances I said.
    It turned out that Jump had a good start to me, but it's a bit too strong, and the end is really a bad way, I think =/
    I found it a little feminine and overpowering..

    On the other hand, I tried Quiksilver too...and I found it really great! Reminds me of days at the beach...just as I wanted! I can still smell its fragrance, in the paper that I sprayed, more than 12h later. I hope it's staying power don't change in my skin..

    I think I will stick with Quiksilver this time.
    Hope this was useful for someone.

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    Default Re: Everyday Fragrance

    I think you made a good choice!

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    Default Re: Everyday Fragrance

    Thank you, Freeze =]
    I'll post here if I get any compliments from girls hahaha

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