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    Default Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte

    Checking out and thinking of buying Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte. I noticed that there are 2 different variations of this fragrance, there's Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte and Concentrée D'Orange Verte by Hermès. Apparently Concentrée D'Orange Verte by Hermès is the stronger one, can someone tell me is Concentrée D'Orange Verte by Hermès an Eau De Toilette while Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte is the Eau De Cologne?

    How can I differentiate the two?

    And which one is better in your opinion?

    Are Eau De Colognes worth the purchase anyway? In terms of concentration, longevity, sillage, they are all lighter and more diluted than Toilettes right?

    Help needed!

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    Default Re: Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte

    The original EDC lasts a shorter amount of time, but IMO is much more pleasant. The citrus is very pure and the drydown (what little there is) is sheer. The Concentree is greener in nature, and lasts longer. However, it seems that whatever Hermes added to increase longevity sort of muddles the quality of the citrus.

    The EDC is worth it if you expect and intend to reapply through the day.

    Try both, though, because if you end up liking the EDT better anyway...and it has better might as well get that.
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    Default Re: Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte

    I was once also in love with Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte. What cooled off the relationship considerably was the very poor longevity. Unfortunately the concentrée differs a lot from the original. I find it's drydown quite artificial smelling and a tad too powdery for my taste.

    My favorite orange scent right now is Bigarade Concentrée by Frederic Malle. It is the concentrated version of Cologne Bigarade and very true to the original, if not even better.

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