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    Default Mixing EOs and Carrier Oils on skin

    I've just ordered some essential oils and am trying to figure out the simplest way to wear them. I was reading this thread in which some recommended against wearing just the EOs and, instead, to dilute them with alcohol and carrier oil.
    These suggestions all seemed to involve mixing the EO with alcohol or carrier oil in a container, letting it sit, and then applying it from that. This seems like a lot of messy work to me.

    A potential alternative: dab some of the carrier oil on your wrist and then a drop or two of the desired essential oil(s). Then either mix it in with your finger, or against your neck to apply and dilute at the same time.

    I'm planning on giving this a shot once I get the supplies, but I'm curious if anyone else is doing anything like this, or have any other methods of applying one or two EOs for a simple scent.
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    Default Re: Mixing EOs and Carrier Oils on skin

    it needs to mix and mature. when you mix things, it might not smell that good straight away. it can even become straight up nasty.
    i can think of more reasons why you shouldn't do that, but of course, it's up to you. :)
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    Default Re: Mixing EOs and Carrier Oils on skin

    I've been finding that EO's take at least a day or two to blend in and settle down to a more mellow place after being mixed. Especially if using a few ingredients. They seem to need some time for all the molecules to jumble up and react with each other. I would even say 3-4 days and longer for a nicer result, otherwise it just smells harsh in comparison. Try some both ways and see for yourself.

    I'm also finding that a 10% or more diluted oil smells nicer than a concentrated one. There is almost too much smell for the nose to deal with in a 100% EO. I agree it certainly does take a long time and a lot of fiddle to dilute them all though....but worth it.
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